It's time to come together

Electric Woman

There is a rise in consciousness,
a responsibility not to go back to sleep.
A woman chooses love over fear –
her truth turns on the world.

She listens, trusts, leads
with power. She calls for change.
Her presence captivates,
She welcomes light and dark –
her soul clears her path.


a note from nikki armytage-foy

Four years ago I launched Electric Woman in London. I stood in front of 150 people and talked about my vision for more women to feel empowered, be true to themselves and overcome their fears. Yet despite believing passionately in the content,  I wasn't living true to this. In the lead up to the event I was run down, working long hours, worried about what everyone else thought of me. 

Since then, I've been delving into what being an Electric Woman means to me. From a girl who thought being perfect was the answer, who felt insecure and looked to everyone else to tell her what to do, I'm now a woman who trusts herself, who knows the answers are within and builds her vision - as the fire inside her is too strong to ignore. I see this emerging in each woman who chooses to become her Electric Woman. 

What I've realised over the past four years is that the Manifesto is central to empowering a woman's inner life – it allows her to explore her relationship with herself, to face her fears, to develop self-care, intuition, pleasure and purpose. The women who draw on this Manifesto find it a useful touchstone to come back to themselves.

This Manifesto shapes the work we do at Electric Woman. Not only in 1-1 Coaching, but also in our Electric 9 Leadership Coaching Programme where we turn up the volume on how a woman can be a soulful, powerful leader of herself, her career, her family and community. What's exciting about this course is that women come together in a tribe to support each other in their dreams and ambitions, and this support continues way after the course has finished.

What I love about the current direction of Electric Woman is the vibrant community of dynamic women it has created and how it's becoming a movement. We started Electric Woman Breakfasts last year, which have now become Electric Circles – taking place both in person and virtually. And we are thrilled to announce our new website and brand identity, which match our growing vision for an international movement of ignited women.

Below are some of the ways you can get involved if this work calls you. Whether you are interested in a course or joining the growing community, we'd love to hear from you!

With so much love and light,

Wednesday 8th March, 8pm GMT

The theme of International Women's Day 2017 is 'Be Bold for Change'. We are celebrating at Electric Woman by holding a Facebook live call for all women around the world to turn their Light ON. Join me and be part of this guided visualisation where you will get to meet your 'Electric Woman' - your most confident and inspiring self. This is an opportunity to access your inner wisdom and prepare to come away feeling energised, with a commitment to releasing any limitations and to create a powerful vision of what is ahead.


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