Sovereignty & Seduction

This 3 day weekend liberates women to claim their feminine sexual birthright. It is for women who want to create more intimacy, improve their relationship with their body and discover the incandescent seductress within.

The Weekend Workshop

Develop sexual confidence

Identify and release limiting beliefs around sex and relationships

Celebrate your body

Explore authentic seduction

Come alive in your sensuality and desire

Bring more pleasure into your life

Sovereignty in the context of an individual, is the full right and power of a woman over herself and her body without interference from outside sources or people.

Seduction is charming someone with an appeal to the senses, often with the goal of reducing unfounded fears and leading to their "sexual emancipation".

The goal of this workshop is to guide women into stepping into their Sovereign power and explore their Seduction capabilities.


The S&S workshop was one of the best investments I have ever made in myself (and I do a lot of courses). For the last 27 years I’ve battled with hating my body, being constrained by my limiting beliefs about the way I look in and out of the bedroom. This course changed everything for me, not only have I realised how amazing my body is, I’ve embraced my sexuality, had mind blowing sex (consistently), I now regularly say wow that hasn’t happened before and I’m exploring areas that I was simply too scared to do! Every women should do this course period. We should be sharing this kind of workshop with women and girls of all ages everywhere, it’s our right to feel this way about ourselves and I cannot thank Electric woman enough for giving me the most freeing gift and I also am grateful that I took the leap to do it – you all should too!

Charlotte Pearce, Founder & CEO

This workshop showed me that sex, desire and pleasure provide me with immense power. How we enjoy pleasure and our partner is often a metaphor for our life. The things we do or don't do, including making ourselves vulnerable, expressing our wants and needs or withholding our own pleasure, are manifestations of how we engage with life and can support or hinder us in direct proportions. This weekend, I experienced shifts in body image issues that have taken me years to work through, I witnessed women (single for years) moving through fear of rejection and into exploring their own desires, making real commitments to changes that three days ago were not even in their consciousness.

Jo Rogers, Lawyer

One of the most profound experiences of my life. This is something that has the potential to change my life forever - and the lives of those around me.

Sophia Matveeva, Founder & CEO

The word 'transformative' can feel a bit overused, but I have transformed over the last 3 days. This is vital work that will have a lasting impact.

Jess G, Musician and Songwriter 

It exceeded my expectations by far - a truly transformative experience which will change my life forever. I feel an amazing female energy which I will be able to tap into whenever I need. It was incredible how all the participants were different and each had her own issues - some similar and some unique - and how the workshop was structured to address and work with all of them. It has helped me discover a new side of myself which was dormant and which from now on will bring me incredible pleasure and open up a whole new world.

Ksenia K, Lawyer

i used to be really into sex. i was a sexual person who loved touching and enticing. But somewhere along my road to "success" i became scared, tired and prudish. At the smallest hint of sex, my body would go into meltdown, freezing up if anyone tried to touch me. It was as if my body was having a physical reaction, and it was saying "NO ENTRY". The first thing i decided to do was go about "connecting with my sexual woman”. i went along to the Sovereignty and Seduction weekend workshop that helps women reignite their sexuality. The idea of "owning my sexuality" had never crossed my mind until this point – surely your sexuality is just "there"? Apparently not. To really own it, you have to work at it. You have to allow your sexuality to be free from cultural stereotypes. This was a huge breakthrough for me because my life is so serious, i had allowed this attitude to filter into my sexuality. 

i'm not going to pretend that the weekend fixed my sexuality but it seriously helped. i want every woman to understand the pressures they put their sexuality, libido and femininity under, and be free from them.

Megan-Elizabeth Thomas, Director, Full Fat 

It is so hard to articulate the journey this work will take you on, all I can say is that if you are interested in, or need, genuine transformation in your life, then do this workshop.

Sophia Wetherell, Industry Manager

Having spent a lot of time doing work on body, mind, and spirit I was still searching for something and couldn’t put my finger on it. I never thought a three-day weekend would help me figure it out, build my confidence, and leave me with a sense of peace. the workshop did this, and more. Not only was I inspired, but I walked away feeling integrated. This is not just an experience in which you can transform, but one where there’s a space to blossom.  

T, Artist Manager

A must for every woman who wishes to explore her sexuality and sensuality and break through barriers and preconceptions imposed by culture, upbringing or personal history.  


One again I was connected to myself in an intensely loving environment. the space created is one of safe wonder, a space to explore, push boundaries and be held.  

Dee (taking the course for a second time at a new moment in her life)

a course that is needed like your morning coffee. A true journey of realisation and the start to a path to make change.  




Central londoN

SEPTEMBER 6-8, 2019

9am - 6pm 

£750 incl VAT - payable in 3 monthly instalments of £250



$900 - payable in 3 monthly instalments of $300

San FranciscO


$900 - payable in 3 monthly instalments of $300

*We also offer discounted rates for women who are low income, unemployed or students

Sovereignty & Seduction Electric Woman

Outline of the Workshop

Day 1: On the first day you will create the vision of your inner Sovereign. You will explore your sexual history and beliefs about sex and sexuality and find out what’s possible from here.

Day 2: On the second day, you will work on releasing body shame. You will create a space to reshape your concept of feminine self-worth.

Day 3: On the third day, you will explore your desire and the art of your authentic seduction. You will end the workshop with a commitment to honouring your inner Sovereign and Seductress.

There will be group and writing exercises, intimate sharing and coaching throughout the weekend.

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“It is not enough to conquer; one must know how to seduce.”
— Voltaire

YOUR Workshop leaders


Nikki Armytage-FOY

Nikki is founded Electric Woman with the insight that there is a different way of being in the world which has the power to liberate women from overwhelm and exhaustion and instead create a life of magic, joy and huge impact. Since then Nikki has coached over 200 creatives, founders, coaches and executives helping them redefine what’s possible and live the life they truly desire.

Nikki believes wholeheartedly that when women heal ourselves and release what’s keeping us small, we change our entire world and light the way for others. We find a way to use our gifts in service of ourselves, our tribe and our world. A huge part of this is embracing the “feminine”: a state where the being matters as much as the doing, where we slow down and listen to the wisdom in our bodies and our true desires. Women who live in this state attract people who support them, champion them and co-create their bigger vision.


Hannah Abend

Hannah is a physicist by training, and during 10 years working as an engineer, she learned to fiercely embody her feminine power whilst being assertive and operating successfully in a male dominated profession.

Hannah is a Co-Active and ORSC qualified coach and specialises in relationship and sexuality with both men and women, focusing on communication, mindset and listening styles.

She has undertaken an intensive exploration of the role of sex and sexuality in women's lives for the past 5 years. She has a deep awareness of how important it is for women to be empowered and sexually thrive, and has been facilitating workshops and leading seminars to spread this message.