This 2.5 day weekend liberates women to claim their feminine sexual sovereignty. It is for women who want to create more intimacy, improve their relationship with their body and discover the incandescent seductress within.

The Weekend Workshop

Develop your sexual confidence

Identify and release limiting beliefs around sex and relationships

Celebrate your body

Explore your authentic seduction

Come alive in your sensuality and desire

Bring more pleasure into your life


Friday 11th – Sunday 13th of May,

Friday 1-7:30pm, Saturday and Sunday 9-6pm

London, location TBD

Cost of the course is £715, or three monthly installments of £240. 

If you buy two tickets for you and a friend, the total cost is £1200.

All costs include VAT.

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Outline of the Programme

Day 1: On the first day you will create the vision of your inner Sovereign. You will explore your sexual history and beliefs about sex and sexuality and find out what’s possible from here.

Day 2: On the second day, you will work on releasing body shame. You will create a space to reshape your concept of feminine self-worth.

Day 3: On the third day, you will explore your desire and the art of your authentic seduction. You will end the workshop with a commitment to honouring your inner Sovereign and Seductress.

There will be group and writing exercises, intimate sharing and coaching throughout the weekend.

For further information or any questions, please email us to schedule a call at

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Apply Now

Electric Woman will be inviting women into this workshop through application form, as we wish to get to know you and what you want from the experience. Please follow the link below and we will be in touch shortly.


YOUR Workshop leaders

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Nikki Armytage-Foy

After a decade of coaching women, Nikki has discovered the many ways in which the nature of our relationship to our sexuality reflects the nature of our relationship to our self, our sense of fulfilment and overall wellbeing. And how many of us are faced with a block when it comes to expressing our sexual desires and receiving pleasure. Through her own journey of unfulfilling relationships, disconnected sex and body shame, Nikki became committed to learning about conscious sexuality practices and becoming empowered in her sexuality. Nikki now teaches women to overcome their fears around intimacy; to create a positive relationship with their body and to feel more confident – not just sexually, but fundamentally in who they are.

Hannah Abend

Hannah Abend

A physicist by training, and during 10 years working as an engineer, she learned to fiercely embody her feminine power whilst being assertive and operating successfully in a male dominated profession. Hannah also practices as a relationship and sexuality coach for both men and women, focusing on communication and listening styles. She has undertaken an intensive exploration of sex and sexuality for the past 3 years. She has a deep awareness of how important it is for women to be vibrant and sexually thrive, and has been facilitating workshops and leading seminars to spread this message to facilitate women living a more sexually empowered life.




This workshop showed me that sex, desire and pleasure provide me with immense power. How we enjoy pleasure and our partner is often a metaphor for our life. The things we do or don't do, including making ourselves vulnerable, expressing our wants and needs or withholding our own pleasure, are manifestations of how we engage with life and can support or hinder us in direct proportions. This weekend, I experienced shifts in body image issues that have taken me years to work through, I witnessed women (single for years) moving through fear of rejection and into exploring their own desires, making real commitments to changes that three days ago were not even in their consciousness.

Jo Rogers, Lawyer


Spending the weekend with Nikki and Hannah on this course was an eye-opening, life changing experience. I went with little idea of what to expect and not even sure I’d really get that much out of the course. I couldn’t have been more wrong. In just 48 hours they’d completely revolutionised how I felt about myself, my body and my future. They’d given me clear steps to shape the relationship I want, and allowed me the time and space to work through some issues I’ve bottled up my whole life. Plus, the whole weekend was great fun and I met some other incredible women who are now friends. I cannot not recommend them and the I Am Woman course, highly enough.

Harriet Minter, Broadcaster & Journalist