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The Electric 9 is a transformational group programme designed to help you become your most vibrant and powerful self – your Electric Woman.

We invite you to join an intimate group of dynamic women from around the world and experience profound transformation together.

The next 12-week online course starts Autumn 2019.

E9 is Electric Woman’s flagship course. When a woman has completed it, she is changed. She has a radiance and an authority that’s undeniable.

A past client put it just right when she said, ‘E9 helps you become a whole woman: heart, mind, body and soul’.

When we’re truly whole our next step becomes clear and we take it. Each woman sees the truth about herself, and it’s so fundamental that it’s literally impossible to go back to an old pattern or belief.

Every woman has her own unique experience in E9.

For some it’s permission to step off the treadmill. Perhaps you’re waking up every morning to a day, week or month that’s full of activities yet you don’t feel fulfilled. You don’t feel like you consciously chose the life you’re living.

Others are looking for a push to leap higher, through E9 they come to see how they can get something they’ve always wanted. It’s normally much closer than they thought, and they reach out and grab it.

For some it’s all about learning true, deep self love.

And for others it’s about learning to trust in relationships with others, maybe even about loving everyone.

E9 can be very powerful for the truly stuck. Perhaps you’ve, they’ve been trying to figure out something for years - like how to change career or meet a life partner - and you need a new approach that’s easier and fits with who you authentically are.

We know E9 works. It’s transformed nearly 100 women’s lives at this point.

why did we create this course?

Women around the world are craving a new type of connection.

They're tired of feeling disconnected from their desires, their intuition and their bodies. And they want to be supported by a tribe of like-minded inspirational women.

The Electric 9 is our answer. This programme is designed to enable women to step a new powerful chapter of womanhood in which we:

  • Drop the mask of cultural conditioning and destructive notions of feminine perfection

  • Journey to heal, learn and embody the woman we were born to be

  • Embrace our innate power by trusting our intuition, embracing self-care, and developing a positive relationship with our Self

  • Take inspired action to get clarity on our path, to live in flow and put our mission out into the world

  • Become part of a global community of supportive and inspiring women who grow together and hold each other accountable

“The Electric 9 course was a game changer for me. It helped me get crystal clear in my mind about the difference I wanted to make.”
— Past Electric 9 Participant


The E9 course is for women who want to explore how they might live once they step into their full womanhood - when they are alive and purposeful in their mind, body, heart and soul.

Typical participants are in their 30s and 40s, but we’ve had many older and younger women.

Professionally, it’s a diverse group. E9 attracts a good share of entrepreneurs, CEOs and senior executives, and also a wide variety of women from all backgrounds, including stay-at-home mothers, coaches, artists and activists.

Outline of the programme

The 12-week programme takes participants through the nine stages of becoming your Electric Woman. The course has three sections: I am Real, I am Woman, I am Electric.

I Am Real

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Meet your Electric Woman

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Address and let go of your self-sabotage and negativity


Cultivate a strong relationship to self, develop a regime of self-care

I Am Woman


Trust your intuition and live a guided life

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Experience the power of your vulnerability and truth


Explore your relationship with your body and sexuality

I Am Electric


Be on purpose and with clarity of vision


Live from gratitude and abundance

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Commit to your mission with the support of your tribe

“I’m endlessly inspired by this community from across the world and the power of sharing our compelling stories”
— Past Electric 9 Participant

This is a rich learning environment for women who are committed to their personal and professional development.

The programme involves:

  • 9 x 90 minute group coaching sessions held on

  • 3 x 90 minute calls in smaller breakout groups

  • 2 x one-on-one 45-minute private coaching sessions with the course leaders

  • A workbook with further reading and exercises to inspire and support your learning

  • Access to a private online space for your Electric 9 tribe

  • An invitation to be part of the ‘Be Electric’ global community


meet the coaches


Vanessa Metcalf

A CTI Coach, mentor, and teacher with over 15 years of experience, based in San Francisco, Vanessa is passionate about supporting women to love and value themselves. She teaches women how to trust their own inner guidance - so that they feel free to pursue what they want and to express themselves more authentically. Vanessa has a background in Psychology and Leadership, and is a gifted Intuitive and Astrologer with a deep focus on the Divine Feminine, the inner world, and Archetypes.

Vanessa loves leading The Electric 9 because she believes strongly in the power and nourishment of doing personal work within an intentional community. It is deeply healing and inspiring to go through the Electric Woman process with a tribe of genuine, caring, and passionate women. In a community, we learn from each other, feel motivated by each other, and heal our pain around belonging and worthiness.  

Harriet Minter

A journalist, speaker and Coach, based in London, Harriet also has a monthly column in Psychologies magazine and is host of the Badass Women's Hour on talkRadio. Harriet coaches women to help achieve their professional goals; with fierce clarity, she holds them in their greatest vision for their life.

For Harriet, The Electric 9 is a space for women to take time to truly understand themselves, work out what they want in their lives and find the most fulfilling and nourishing way to achieve this. She has taken part in the course as both a participant and a Leader, and she loves witnessing the great growth and acceptance found by the women on the course. We can be so busy rushing around, doing things, that we forget to make time and space to really connect with and appreciate ourselves. The Electric 9 is a place to do exactly this.


“I learned how to tap into my Electric Woman - my inner wise woman who follows her dreams.”
— Past Electric 9 Participant


july 2019 - september 2019 tribe

Dates for the next cohort will be confirmed shortly.


Programme fees

For this transformational programme with over 18 hours of world-class coaching we charge £1995 (incl VAT) / $2595.

An initial payment of £399 will secure your place, followed either by a payment of £1,596 or four monthly payments of £469. All prices include VAT.

You'll receive a link to make your payment and reserve your space once you've been accepted to the programme.

*We offer discounted rates for women who are low income, unemployed or students. Get in touch at if this applies to you.


Application process

Electric Woman will invites you to fill out the application form so we can ensure this programme is a good fit for your current needs and desires. 

Your application will be reviewed within three days of submission, and then we’ll let you know if you’ve been accepted and share instructions for registration.

If you have questions, please do get in touch at We love talking about what we do and we’re always happy to have a chat.



Being part of E9 introduced me not only to myself, and the amazing resources that exist within me, but also to a group of incredible, engaging, inspiring and supportive women who have allowed me to start to become the best version of me possible. One on one coaching offers an amazing place to start the process of change, but the support provided within this group environment has been transformative.

Nicki Leaper, Team Development Leader, London


I learned how to tap into my Electric Woman - my inner wise woman who follows her dreams and is not held back by life's trials and tribulations but greets them with trust, grace, strength, and power. The ability to be 100% exposed to a trusting, safe, group of women was mind blowing.

Sarah Brusch, Consultant, San Francisco


The E9 course was a game changer for me. This powerhouse of women from all sections of industry and society helped me get crystal clear in my mind about exactly what my calling is, the difference I wanted to make and the legacy I wanted to leave. Since then, I (with the help of Nikki) have created a 3-day leadership program for women in education, which helps women define their own unique leadership vision, identify their leadership barriers and supports them in creating their own personal leadership legacy. I can’t believe that we are now about to roll out our third year cohort. It’s such an inspiring and empowering program and I feel very grateful to be part of it.

Annemarie Williams, Headteacher, London


I was recommended the Electric 9 as a Leadership course, but it was a whole lot more than that! I was transitioning out of a challenging and rewarding interim Executive Principal role and in to the launch of my new company ‘Making Stuff Better’ with my business partner. I saw this as an opportunity to reflect on my transition and prepare myself for the next phase in my professional life. The course made me consider aspects of my own personal history that I had not realised were affecting my way of living and being in the present day. In doing so, it led to moments of clarity that transformed my perception of self and of others. My inner strength has been redoubled by being part of a group of powerful women in a safe, non-judgmental space. I am able to live by my values and principles whilst at the same time maintaining positive relationships. The group helped me with that and the programme will have a profound impact on my leadership moving forward. 

Gill Kelly - Director of Making Stuff Better, London

I had been deep in one-to-one coaching when I signed up for E9. I was skeptical and unsure of where it would lead. I didn't have any specific goals, but I knew I needed to live outside of my own head. I was seeking a community of like minded, empowered, and self-invested women. This is exactly what I have found being a part of the Electric Woman community. I have come to call the experience I am having Womanhood Graduate School. It's an investment in self-growth and discovery, and gives you the space to reflect on what you already know. E9 specifically showed me where I had walls still up, and allowed me to blossom through acceptance. Having a community who accepted me and saw me was absolutely beyond anything I had ever experienced. I learned that I could accept myself exactly as I am now. That this me is powerful, desirable, and has the ability to get the things she wants and needs. Learning that you don't have to wait until your are some romanticized idea of self to do the next thing, to strive, to ask, to reach is invaluable. The great takeaway was the me I am right now is more than good enough. I am forever grateful to my tribe for giving me the unconditional love and support to step into myself.

T - Artist Manager, Los Angeles



What kind of women attend this programme?
Dynamic, intelligent women who want to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others. Many are leaders in business or creatives building their practices. That said, we think of leadership as standing up and making the change you want to happen in your world. We each have opportunities to "lead" in every moment of our life. That can be at work, at home, in your community - or even on the world stage. Many women who have done this program got the courage to leave jobs that they didn't love and go after their true calling. Many are women who are going through a challenging time or in transition and wanting to make real, brave change.

What do they get out of this experience?
A new sense of confidence and clarity.

They stop fighting and doubting themselves, and when they do this they get a new energy, radiance and vitality. 

Support and encouragement from the coaches and a like-minded group of women who are rooting for them.

They start to do the things they've been deeply wanting such as starting a new creative venture or business or their changing career path, though it doesn't have to be career related. It can be as simple as doing something that feels brave and new.

Being more true to who they and an excitement in what's possible for their life.


What are the biggest changes I can expect?
A lot of the women come into The Electric 9 feeling like they have to do life alone, work hard, be productive and busy all the time. This is exhausting. They aren't treating themselves well, many are overeating, drinking and working, and have little time for themselves or don't use that time in a way that feels loving and nourishing. They may not trust themselves on a deeper level, and may be hiding who they really are.

Through The Electric 9, women change these behaviours to create more space, self care, treating themselves well and looking after their body. This is foundational to the work we do and teach at Electric Woman. Women learn to be honest with themselves and others. The 'do it alone, I'm busy' is replaced with getting help and support, and the clarity they get through the programme brings greater structure to their life and more ease.


What is it like to be coached in a group? 
It's an experience of belonging and being part of a community that is very healing and nurturing, along with accountability and support. In a group setting we benefit from each other, every time someone works through something deep the entire group grows from it. You will have your own experience and you will also share your truth in a safe community of women who are on this journey with you. 

Is E9 a leadership course?
All women, once they’re living in their Electric, become leaders in their lives. They have the vision, focus and energy to make things happen. For some that’s running for office or putting themselves forward for a board seat, and for others it’s joining the PTA, teaching their friends about self care, or taking time off to look after someone they love. It’s about make what matters to you become a reality.

Do you have to be at a certain stage of your life or have achieved certain things for this to be right for you?
No. You simply need to be able to commit to the programme, engage in self-reflection, and be a support to others. 


Do I need any experience of coaching beforehand?
No, but it may be helpful for you to have done some sort of personal work and self-reflection before. 


What is the time commitment?
Along with your 90-minute group coaching call we'd suggest 1-2 hours per week for reflection, journaling and other optional exercises we’ll share. You will also have an 1.5 hours of personal coaching with the course leaders during the programme.