the electric 9

A Transformational Group Coaching Programme for Women

The next Electric 9 begins Wednesday 20th September

7:30pm-9pm GMT, 11:30am-1pm PST

We are inviting women from around the world to ignite their feminine power. In this Electric 9 programme you will embrace who you are as a woman and a leader.

Throughout this journey, you will tap into your inner wisdom for greater self-expression, clarity on your path and a deeper trust in yourself.

You will learn to listen to and nurture yourself with the space to think differently. You will release conditioning and old ways of being that no longer serve you.

You will come away with an invigorated sense of direction and the confidence to take inspired action. And you will be part of a tribe of Electric Women who will champion and support you - through the programme and beyond.  

E9 is a virtual 12-week immersive coaching journey for women who want to feel deeply fulfilled and who desire to make a difference.

The women who attend this course are women in leadership positions, creative entrepreneurs, women who are going through an awakening or new beginning, and women who are going through a transition and want to gain clarity about what’s next in their life.

Outline of the programme

Weeks 1-3: I AM REAL
Learn how to live and breathe your Electric Woman
Address your self-sabotage and negativity
Cultivate a strong relationship to self, develop a regime of self-care

Weeks 4-6:  I AM WOMAN
Develop your intuitive voice – your voice of clarity
Experience the power of your vulnerability and truth
Explore your relationship with your body and sexuality

Weeks 7-9:  I AM ELECTRIC
Clarify your purpose and learn how to turn it into reality
Live from gratitude and abundance
Present the vision of your Electric Woman and step into your feminine leadership

This is a rich learning environment with a global community of inspiring and supportive women. The programme involves:

  • 9x 90 minute virtual meetings

  • 3x 90 minute calls in smaller breakout groups
  • 2x 1-1 private coaching sessions
  • A workbook to inspire and support your learning containing further reading and exercises
  • Community and structure to keep you accountable to your objectives
  • Access to a private group dedicated to the learning of this tribe
  • An invitation to be part of the ‘Be Electric’ global community

The cost of this programme is £1,595 in full or 3 payments of £580.

The 12 week programme will run from Wednesday 20th September, 7:30pm-9:00pm GMT or 11:30am-1pm PST.


Application process

Electric Woman will be inviting women into this programme through an application form. Through this process, we wish to get to know our participants and help introduce and weave you into the group. Your application will be reviewed within three days or less of submission, and then you will receive confirmation and instructions for registration.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out:




Nikki Armytage-Foy is the founder of Electric Woman, owner of The Life Stylist Coaching company and a strong advocate for women's visionary leadership. Nikki has a bright and soulful style of coaching that encourages the women she works with to deeply trust who they are and return to their innate feminine wisdom. Her mission for all her clients is that they live their deepest desires and soul's purpose.

E9 in Nikki’s words: This three-month intensive is a deep dive into who you are as woman and a leader in your life. It will shine a light on how you treat yourself and on your relationship with pleasure and self-care. We will focus on how to nurture your intuitive voice, your vulnerability, and let go of what’s stopped you from rising to your potential.  

The course is designed for you to embrace the full spectrum of who you are, finding power in both the dark and light places within, embracing your unique essence of Electric, claiming your desires, dreams and taking action to make this reality. A huge part of the success of this course is found in the wise sisterhood that’s built and lifelong friendships created. The growth in our journey is catalysed when we speak up in a group, and have others witness and hold us accountable. The women give each other courage to follow through on the goals and the diversity  of women in each group adds another level of insight and meaning.

Vanessa Metcalf is a Transformational Soul Coach and Intuitive Guide. She holds multiple degrees in Biology, Psychology, and Astrology; has studied healing modalities including yoga and Reiki; is a CTI Leadership Coach; and is a gifted intuitive with over 15 years of experience. She teaches workshops on personal development and intuition and has an international private coaching practice. Using her distinctive compassion, depth, and intuition, she guides people through the important transitions in their lives with insight, love, and humor. She is passionate about helping people to love and value themselves and to trust their own inner guidance system so that they feel free to go after what they want and to express themselves more fully and authentically. 

E9 in Vanessa's words: This comprehensive and inspiring course supports you in exploring your potential, facing your fears, and moving beyond your limitations. It will awaken you to the power and beauty within you, and the possibilities in your life. You will connect with your heart and soul and grow your vision.

Taking this journey with a group of dynamic and compassionate women is designed to magnify your experience. You learn from each other, support each other, and cultivate a community where each of you are truly seen. This course will change your life; so get ready for a new sense of confidence, freedom, and ease in who you are.




I learned how to tap into my Electric Woman- my inner wise woman who follows her dreams and is not held back by life's trials and tribulations but greets them with trust, grace, strength, and power. The ability to be 100% exposed to a trusting, safe, group of women was mind blowing.

Sarah Brusch, Surgical Consultant

Having the opportunity to be connected to a global group of like-minded, and possibly more importantly like-souled women, has provided me with an insight into myself that I didn't expect to find. This kind of group coaching is pure gold! So much more than supportive, it helps push the boundaries of self-development in entirely new and quite brilliant ways.

Thea Baker, Fitness Instructor

Being part of E9 made me constantly reflect and challenge myself to be the best I can be. I am constantly inspired by this community from across the world and by the power of sharing and reflecting on our compelling stories. E9 has been powerful and transformative for me personally and has enriched greatly and added a new dimension to the very powerful and life changing one to one coaching experience.

Angela Armytage, Consultant Headteacher

Being part of E9 introduced me not only to myself, and the amazing resources that exist within me, but also to a group of incredible, engaging, inspiring and supportive women who have allowed me to start to become the best version of me possible. One on one coaching offers an amazing place to start the process of change, but the support provided within this group environment has been transformative.

Nicki Leaper, Team Development Leader


The E9 course was a game changer for me. This powerhouse of women from all sections of industry and society helped me get crystal clear in my mind about exactly what my calling is, the difference I wanted to make and the legacy I wanted to leave. Since then, I (with the help of Nikki) have created a 3-day leadership program for women in education, which helps women define their own unique leadership vision, identifies leadership barriers and supports women in creating their own personal leadership legacy. I can’t believe that we are now about to roll out our third year cohort. It’s such an inspiring and empowering program and I feel very grateful to be part of it.

Annemarie Williams, Headteacher