1-1 coaching


The 1-1 Electric Woman 6 or 12 month life coaching programmes are for women who desire to live a life they dream of - one that reflects who they truly are - and who want to experience their full potential, and create from their passions and brilliance.

The Results

You will meet and become your Electric Woman, in all areas of your life
Clarity on your goals, vision and dreams
Identify and transform old patterns and limiting beliefs
Learn to listen to - and act upon - your true voice
Make deep and positive change in your life
Have more energy, joy and passion
Feel confident and powerful, personally and professionally
Create an abundant mindset, be the light and energise others
An invitation to be part of the ‘Be Electric’ global community

What’s involved

Book in for a 45-minute free chemistry consultation; this is your opportunity to experience coaching and explore the areas that you’d like to work on. In this call, Nikki or Vanessa will discuss theirr approach and fee information. Should you choose one of the 6 or 12 month programmes, then two 60-minute coaching sessions per month are recommended. The sessions are over the phone or via Skype.




My mantra now is ‘If you can imagine it, you can make it happen’. I have developed positive relationships with others whist sticking by my principles and I am confident in my leadership voice and I’m not afraid to use it.

Kirsten Edwards-Warren, Executive Vice President, Compass-Lexecon

I am dreaming bigger and feeling more fearless - these two things are enormously powerful in business and in life.

Emma Sexton, Make Your Words Work

This coaching will to speak to your deepest self; you will start seeing miracles happen in your life, and before you know it what used to be your dreams and wishes will become your reality.

Madeline Wober, Coach


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Nikki is a strong advocate for women's visionary leadership and offers coaching for women who are leaders, CEOs, creative entrepreneurs and those want to make a difference to the lives and wellbeing of others. She uses a combination of coaching mastery, leadership expertise and spiritual wisdom, alongside entrepreneurial acumen to do deep transformational one-on-one work.

Nikki has a bright and soulful style of coaching that encourages the women she works with to deeply trust who they are and return to their innate feminine wisdom. Her mission for all her clients is that they live their deepest desires and soul's purpose.

Nikki has 10 years experience in working with women in the coaching arena as a Certified Coactive Coach (CPCC), accredited by the International Coach Federation. She collaborates with leading coaches and therapists in CoActive Leadership Coaching, and uses mindfulness techniques and cognitive behavioural therapy to bring the latest in personal development.

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Vanessa Metcalf, MA, is a Transformational Coach and Intuitive Guide. Using her distinctive compassion, depth, and intuition, she guides people through the important transitions and awakenings in their lives with insight, love, and humor.

She is passionate about helping people to love and value themselves and to trust their own inner guidance system so that they feel free to go after what they want and to express themselves more fully and authentically. She is particularly passionate about helping people who are empathic, highly sensitive, and intuitive to embrace their gifts and create a life that honors and empowers their sensitivities.  

She holds multiple degrees in Psychology, Astrology and Biology; has studied healing modalities including yoga and Reiki; is a CTI Leadership Coach; and is a gifted intuitive with over 15 years of experience. She teaches workshops on personal development and intuition and coaches women internationally.