For thousands of years, women's circles have been a place to come together, providing a sense of belonging and feminine collective wisdom.

We are building Circles around the world of women who are committed to being their most Electric self – confident, radiant and ready to light the way for others.

The Circles meetings are structured using the Electric Woman Manifesto. In each Circle, we address the Manifesto topics: being Electric, facing our fears, self-care, intuition, vulnerability, pleasure, soulful purpose, abundance and community.

All it takes from you is to come as you are to an inspiring, honest, and non-judgmental circle. There are 9 meetings in total, each of which will last around 90 minutes. Circles are being held in different cities around the world, both in person and virtually.

Our belief in gathering to help one another expands beyond our Circles. It is our wish to have all participants of Electric Circles pay £140 as part of their commitment to being a champion for all women, everywhere. 20% of this donation will go to Equality Now, a charity organisation that closely aligns with our mission of empowering and protecting the feminine. Equality Now promotes the human rights of women and girls around the world. It advocates to advance Legal Equality and Justice for Girls, and to end Female Genital Mutilation, Sex Trafficking and Sexual Violence. We are proud to support them toward eradicating this systematic abuse.

If you would like to join a Circle, email us at and we will let you know the next upcoming Circle for you.


The circle leaders

These women are advocates of Electric Woman and we are thrilled that they are passing on the light by building circles in their communities.