Electric Circles

An Electric Circle is a place for women around the world to gather virtually to discuss meaningful topics and share openly about our experiences.

Joining a Circle is for women who want to commit to being their most 'Electric' self – confident, real and true to themselves. When we come together to support each other in our growth, we spark positive change in ourselves and in others. You don’t need any previous experience to join, just a willingness to engage in self-reflection.



The Circles are structured using the discussion points from the Electric Woman Manifesto. Your leader will guide you through topics, such as: being an Electric Woman, facing our fears, self-care, intuition, purpose and taking action.

There will be 6 weekly virtual Circles held over video conference, each of which will last up to 90 minutes. In this time you will share your own experiences and listen to the stories and wisdom of the other women in your group. You will also be invited to a community group on Facebook to stay in touch with your Circle over the 6 weeks and beyond.

We suggest you come to the Circle with something you want to work on, such as finding clarity on your career, creating change in your lifestyle, making a bold life decision, or wanting to learn more about yourself and feel more confident in who you are.



To secure your place, please make a payment of £300 plus VAT at the Circle Payment page. Once your payment has been received, your circle leader Angela Armytage will be in touch with the information you need to get started.


Circle dates

Get in touch to find out about our next dates: hello@electricwoman.com.


Angela Armytage

I have had the great privilege of facilitating Electric Women’s Circles and enabling women to make positive changes to their lives. I have been on my Electric journey for 5 years; it’s been transformational and I see the great importance of supporting other women to reignite their lives. Electric Circles are a great place to begin the journey of self-reflection and change.

The impact from my first Circle experience was great, providing me with an opportunity to build new networks of like-minded women, both in the virtual meetings and through the confidential community. Hearing the stories of the women in my Circle and the changes they were making over the six weeks only reinforced my desire and belief that I could make the changes I wanted in my life. Some of these steps were small, though significant, and some led to great changes. I’m still in touch with my Circle, who continue to inspire me.

My passion is leadership development at all levels and after over 30 years in education, I now work with women to be successful and to lead balanced and happy lives. 




I found the the Electric Circle fascinating. The direction given on each session, with application to facing up to our big saboteurs in life, was really innovative. I love the concept of the “Miss Guideds”...being a wonderfully human way of describing our Shadow side which blocks us from moving and changing in life.

Well done for the evolution of a spiritual system of help and support which has been carefully crafted through the years.

Well worth signing up to this!

Dr. Julia Piper
General Medical Practitioner 


The Electric Circle gave me the time and inclination to take a long hard look at various aspects of my life...

During the sessions, I could have frank conversations with like minded women who listened intently to my past experiences and future desires. The circle gave me the courage and confidence to make some life changing decisions which have opened the door to a whole new world for me.

School leader, West Yorkshire


Equality Now

Our belief in supporting one another expands beyond our Circles. 10% of the proceeds will go Equality Now, an organization that promotes the human rights of women and girls around the world. Equality Now advocates to advance Legal Equality and Justice for Girls, and to end Female Genital Mutilation, Sex Trafficking and Sexual Violence. We are proud to support them toward eradicating this systematic abuse. For more information, visit Equality Now.