I see you, Woman

Electric Woman

My god, you powerful woman
You take my breath away
With each fall, you push on
Each blow, you expand
Shine that bright light
Let me be seen
I see you, woman
I will your heart to beat on
Beat for me, for her, for them
For you
Do not harden
I cradle your strength, your wisdom
I push air down your throat
Wipe tears from your face
Stand, woman
I pull back your throne
Spread your gown at your feet
Open the doors
Let the light in

'At every moment,  a woman makes a choice: between the state of the Queen and the state of the Slavegirl' 

Marianne Williamson

At Electric Woman, we want to see women embody their Queen – to know their worth and feel deeply fulfilled. Our Electric 9 group coaching programme is a 12-week virtual journey for creative entrepreneurs, leaders and women going through transition who want to gain clarity about what's next in their life. Join us.

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