What's your Hell Yes?


I was working with one of my clients this week and she reminded me of the power of naming your ‘hell yeses’ - and your ‘hell noes’.

A hell yes is a full-hearted, unequivocal, no-holds-barred YES. It could be a yes to a specific act, to a place, to a person, to an idea, or even to a sensation. It’s something you know that you deeply want in your life. And it’s not that you can’t see the drawbacks or difficulties, it’s just that you know you’ll move through whatever it takes.

When I decided to write this, I thought I’d practice. I listed everything I truly feel a hell yes to right now and then I said them out loud to a friend. It was so powerful on many levels.

First, it made me stop and realise how many things on my list were things I wanted for years and now have. I always knew I was saying hell yes to a deep love, to having a child, to my purpose - realising my vision for women to embody their power and their worth and it’s amazing to see how much of that is real now.

And what really got me excited was hearing and feeling the energy in the different answers. Some had a lot of energy as I said them out loud. When I claimed the importance of the female orgasm and peace within my body I got a hit of clear, unbridled, strength and purpose. It’s fascinating to me that after all these years of this work and my healing this still has so much potency for me.

And then I did the same for my hell noes.

Two things happened: A list of what is holding me back from my dreams right now poured out first - being in my little girl, people-pleasing energy, and letting a scarcity mindset creep in.

And once that was cleared, what was behind it was a pure rage. A list of injustice that breaks my heart, and a clarity of what simply can not stand. I felt once more the depth of my desire to own my story and use it for good.

And that’s the great power of this exercise. You’re left with the energy of purpose; with focus and clarity. You know where you want to go, what to leave behind, and where you need to explore further. Because, and let’s be real, there are always some places where you are clear on what you want, and some where you need more time and help to figure out what’s next for you. 

Love Nikki x

Ps. The list in the photo above is the actual list I wrote as I was writing this article. It feels vulnerable to share this, and if you do it, I’d love to see your list too. You can send it to me at nikki@electricwoman.com.

Pps. I’m now about to go shout my yeses and noes in the forest by my house to make sure the world can hear me; I invite you to do the same.

Nikki ArmytageComment