I want you to be in approval of yourself


Something I want every woman to know, the thing that has the power to completely transform the way you see yourself, is for you to be in approval of who you are, each choice you make, and your life as it is right now.

And what I mean by ‘being in approval’ is you see that everything that brought you here as a gift, that you are perfect as you are right now, that future joys and disappointments will be part of your story and your path.

So many women I meet are stuck in disapproval. They think something is wrong with them. They have what I call the Miss Punisher voice in their mind. She says: "You’re pathetic. You’re too _____ (fill in the blank - fat/stupid/ugly/worthless/incapable/lazy). You’ll never get what you want. You’ll never be as good as the others."

And the effect is, you make yourself wrong and go into a spiral of negative self-talk. You lose focus and motivation on your ambition and goals. You turn to something else to numb out the way you feel. You judge others because you are such a harsh judge on yourself.

In the aftermath of two miscarriages my disapproving, punishing voice would go to ‘what did I do wrong’, ‘my body is broken’, ‘how could this happen to me’, and I felt desperate envy of other women I saw on the street. It wasn’t easy to get into approval of the situation, and when I did I saw how workaholic and exhausted my life was, and I heard that my body wasn’t ready to make new life from that place, and so I slowed down and learnt what it really meant to nourish my body.

When you’re not chained to disapproval, you feel like you’re in the driving seat of your life. You’ve taken responsibility for your reaction and your story, and you’re no longer a victim of your experience. Life is not happening to you, but instead, you’re creating from what life brings.

The impact of being in approval of yourself is confidence, radiance, and a readiness to take action. There is also a spiritual connection to a higher self and to your path in this world.

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a woman in approval of herself, all that wasted energy goes into building her dreams, and the habit of comparison fades bringing her into deep connection with her sisters and her tribe.

Love Nikki x

Nikki ArmytageComment