The Stars, the Planets and Your Electric Woman


Vanessa Metcalf is a coach and teacher at Electric Woman, as well as an experienced Astrologer and tarot reader. Here she shares her insights about the power of astrology and how it can support us in living a more fulfilling and Electric life. 

Astrology came into my life when I was 16. I always found it fascinating, but it wasn’t until I was in graduate school that it really captured my heart. 

Astrology is an ancient practice that is based on the principles of synchronicity and nature. It is a much more detailed system than people usually realize with a highly logical component based in mathematics and astronomy. And there is a deeply intuitive aspect that speaks to us at a soulful level, tells stories about our life through archetypes, and paints a picture of who we are and what is possible.

Astrology allows us to see deeper into ourselves in meaningful and empowering ways. It connects us into our intuition and gives us permission to honor who we are, instead of trying to make ourselves into something else. As one of my astrology teachers says – if you’re apple, you’re an apple; if you’re a banana, you’re a banana; you can’t make an apple into a banana. And why would you want to? 


When I give people a Soul Session, they often respond with relief and excitement because they feel seen, understood, and free to be themselves. They also get clarity on a number of things, which can feel both comforting and inspiring. 

In the session, I read your birth chart which is based on the time and place that you entered the world. It describes your innate qualities and core self, while also pointing to where you can learn and grow and what you are capable of. When we want insight into what is currently going on in our lives, we look at where the planets are now and how that relates to the birth chart. Our birth charts also follow their own evolutionary pathway, which is unique and gives clues to our own personal development.  

Astrology can also be helpful in identifying unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs. There are specific parts of your chart that actually tell you where you are not seeing things clearly or where other people’s beliefs and behaviours have influenced you…and what to do about it. Astrology clarifies our deeper needs and feelings, including how we process emotion, what drives us, and what we really want. It also shows us who we are at our best, what our gifts and talents are, and how we can show up powerfully in our career and on our life path.  

Since astrology is such a perfect companion to psychology and personal development, we wanted our clients to have access to it here at Electric Woman. There is information about your leadership style, your career and your role in your community. What I find in your chart is truly your Electric Woman! 


Vanessa offers 90-minute Soul Sessions, during which she will give you a full astrology reading - including your birth chart and planetary influences - as well as a tarot reading to help you see the deeper meaning and possibilities of your current path. Vanessa also weaves coaching into the session, so you are left with practical steps and tools to support you in taking the insights you've gained and applying them to your life.

Vanessa also offers 1-1 Coaching, in which she uses her intuitive gifts and knowledge of astrology, along with her coaching and counseling skills, to create a unique and powerful experience for her clients. 

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