Join a Women's Circle this March


We started Electric Circles for women who want to have meaningful, inspiring conversations and a space to share, talk and listen openly. 

Electric Circles are about building a community of like-minded women who come together to shape new possibilities and the success they dream of. We talk about topics such as our hopes, dreams, disappointments and any fear that's stopping us. We explore our purpose and passion, and the life we want. Through the support of the group and the vulnerability of each other's stories – we are encouraged to follow our true paths. So much becomes possible when we feel motivated and seen.

At Electric Woman we want to re-shape how women communicate and support each other – to move away from drama, judgment, gossip, competitiveness, and into collaboration and honest, supportive and real conversations. This shift is modeled in our Women's Circles.

This is not a life coaching Circle – instead it's a facilitated Circle hosted by Angela Armytage, who is an advocate of supporting women from around the world and has been on her Electric Woman journey for the past 5 years. Angela uses the Electric Woman tools, wisdom and practices to guide the group. You can read more about her below. 

Anyone can join. You may be new to Electric Woman and wanting support in your next steps, or you may have done Electric Woman coaching before and desire renewed inspiration and focus this year. Whatever your circumstance, we'd love to hear from you.

Follow the link below to find out more about Electric Circles and to reserve your place on the next Circle, starting March 1st.

From your Circle Facilitator: Angela Armytage

Angela Armytage

I have had the great privilege of facilitating Electric Women’s Circles and enabling women to make positive changes to their lives. I have been on my Electric journey for 5 years; it’s been transformational and I see the great importance of supporting other women to reignite their lives. Electric Circles are an inspiring place to begin the journey of self-reflection and change.

The impact from my first Circle experience was great, providing me with an opportunity to build new networks of like-minded women, both in the virtual meetings and through the confidential community. Hearing the stories of the women in my Circle and the changes they were making over the six weeks only reinforced my desire and belief that I could make the changes I wanted in my life. Some of these steps were small, though significant, and some led to great changes. I’m still in touch with my Circle, who continue to inspire me.

I love facilitating Circles as I see women who realise that they can make anything happen: they can remove the barriers in their lives that are stopping them from being who they want to be! EW Circles enable me to participate and to reset goals and intentions for the week along with the rest of the group. Although I am the facilitator, I also ask the group to support me and to hold me to account.

Nikki ArmytageComment