The Vow

Electric Woman

The Vow is a commitment that you make to yourself
When you wake up and realize the old way of living and being
It’s making you sick
To stay is to self-destruct
You know when the time is to write your Vow
It’s a time when you feel connected to your true desires
To your true path
A path that will bring you to life
When you feel the courage and willingness to change
And if it doesn’t come true immediately, it will
Allow the Vow to move you
Be guided by it
Will you write it?
Maybe you’ve already written it?

This is a way to connect to your Electric Woman
You’re allowing her voice to come through and speak to you in your Vow
The wise, compassionate, courageous voice within
We’d love to hear your Vow.

I wrote my first Vow in 2011 (and have written many since), at a time when I realized I was only half-living. I was punishing myself. I didn’t like my body or the way it looked. My confidence was low. I felt confused about my direction and I was treating myself badly as punishment. I let negative people into my life and thought this was what I deserved. To continue like this wasn’t an option. 


I vow to release all that is negative
To heal my body
I will fight back on the pain and suffering that I self-inflict
I will build the muscle that keeps me hopeful that change is coming
I will get rid of the people that treat me badly and anything that depletes my energy
I embrace intimate relationships
I will not hide
I will respect myself
I vow to bring myself back to life, for no one else, but for me
This commitment is to myself.

Nikki x

Please share your Vow in the comments below.

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