The Power of Softening


When I think about what makes an Electric Woman ‘Electric’ I always come back to the notion of ‘Soft Power’ – it’s something I see women deeply long for.

‘Soft’ refers to qualities such as being nurturing, present, spacious, intuitive, soulful and gentle.

And ‘Power’ encompasses qualities such as being definitive, forthright, focused, unapologetic and bold.

To possess Soft Power is the golden ticket; it is the very thing that guides us to living a fulfilled and purposeful life. You know when a woman has it, think Oprah or Michelle Obama. They are graceful and radiant. They clearly trust themselves. There is great ease and flow in their life.

And the great news?  ‘Soft’ ALWAYS comes first.

At Electric Woman, when we work with new clients, we often start by getting them into a soft and receptive space – to start listening to their intuitive voice (the voice of their Electric Woman), and stop the rushing, frantic, exhausted ‘to-do list way of living’, which is often ego-driven. We encourage them to replace this constant busyness with spaciousness –  so they can think about what nourishes their soul, focus on this, and slow things down.

This is initially not easy as we are so conditioned to ‘do’. Yet when we are connected in with our Electric Woman, something takes over and ‘soft’ naturally becomes the priority. It becomes more painful to continue the exhausted way of life than to start making this deeply needed change.

The steps toward soft look different for everyone. For some it’s a daily practice of meditation, journaling or moving their body. For others it may be throwing out our to-do-list and doing something creative that day instead. Or having a day of truly nourishing self-care.

For all of us, to soften is to make time and space to listen to the deep wisdom of our Electric Woman and follow her lead.

Through softness, we listen to our intuition and nurture our soul. This has a profound impact, often more than we would expect.

Through softness we are able to vision and move into our most fulfilled life, the life of our Electric Woman.

And then?

In comes the ‘Power’.

The Power is birthed from Softness.

Power is the boldness to speak our true desires, to start living our Electric life.

It’s in knowing your ‘Hell Yes’ and taking action to create changes in your lifestyle.

Maybe it’s realising that dream of moving to New York, starting that acting class or signing up to that personal development programme – which you know will have a big impact on your life. It’s the boldness, bravery and courage; and the excitement and possibility that’s fuelled by your intuition and deep desire.

Power is in releasing unhealthy relationships. And in focusing on the people in your life that support you in your boldest vision.

Power is calling in your tribe to stand with you.

Power is in your No. It’s the no to apologising for yourself; it’s the no to pleasing others over your soul’s truth.

Power is in the decisive, fierce fire in your belly that is so connected to your vision and will stop at nothing to manifest it.

Soft Power is the heart of everything we believe at Electric Woman and we’d love to help you connect to yours.

love Nikki

Nikki ArmytageComment