A Mother’s Love


My dream of becoming a mother came true last August and I will be celebrating my first Mothers Day here on Sunday. It was a challenging path, after Tom and I went through two miscarriages and the fear that we may never be able to have a baby. Amidst my despair, I wrote a journal entry as if our baby had arrived. This suddenly gave me so much hope, I knew we would be meeting ‘her’ soon, as when I tuned in, I could feel her presence. The journal entry said: ‘My daughter has arrived, she is a light, her eyes sparkle, she is full of wonder. She has brought a depth and energy to our lives and we are so much closer as a family.’

Today, Eliza is almost eight months old, she is fiery, bold, curious and full of wonder.  She sparks an unconditional love and sense of deep peace in our family. Motherhood is teaching me to surrender, to slow down. It’s challenged my identity, forcing me to let go and accept what is. My role is to nurture, to protect, to guide and to be courageously present for my life - for my daughter.

This Mother’s Day, however, is bittersweet. My mother-in-law Barbara passed away unexpectedly two weeks ago. Her love was vast. With her husband Kelvin, she raised two very conscious, emotionally present children. And along with my mother, she provided great strength and comfort to me during my pregnancy and after the birth of Eliza, by passing down all that she knew and yet giving me the space to feel my way forward. Her endless sense of optimism, honesty and how beautifully she nurtured my husband Tom and his sister Chloe, listening to them, being curious with them, helping them to find their way has been deeply inspiring. So here’s to Barb, and to the power of a mother’s love.

This Mother’s Day I invite you to take a moment to be thankful for the unique bond we share with our mothers and if we are mothers, with our children. At Electric Woman we often talk about the mother wound - the pain of being a woman passed down through the generations, but today it feels right to honour the other side of the mother dynamic, the unconditional love and glorious devotion that is a mother’s love in its purest form.

Love Nikki

“My Mothers Gift of Courage To Me Were Both Large and Small.”

Maya Angelou, Mom & Me & Mom

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