Your Electric Self Is Not Your ‘Best’ Self


Someone said to me this week “being your Electric self is all about being your best most confident self”, and when I heard that it made me shudder.

The word “best” to me conjures a destination you have to get to and then you’ll be perfect. Then you’ll be ready.

And that, just is not what we’re doing at Electric Woman.

We are not one more way to reach a hypothetical state of perfection; we are not one more stick to measure yourself against.

Instead, the path of an Electric Woman is a journey of deep inner discovery, an awakening of your soul, a powerful connection to the wisdom of your body and a feeling of coming home to your truth and purpose.

And this means, for example, that if you have gained weight; you’re still also your Electric Woman.

If you have stepped off your chosen path into a spiral of negativity; you’re still also your Electric Woman.

And if you hit a patch of dryness, you’re not feeling juicy, creative, and productive, you’re still also your Electric Woman.

We help you have a deep sense of yourself and your truth such that when these sorts of things inevitably happen you know how to re-centre in a kind, loving way. You recognise you’ve fallen back into an old pattern and you can come back in a gentle yet powerful way to your chosen path.

This is why I now create a visualisation every Monday to help each member of our tribe connect back with her Electric Woman. And also why we have a free monthly group call as a moment for all of us to have space for this deeper connection and an opportunity to witness each other in our Electric.

And I do want to say that this is still the message I work with my 1-1 clients on every day:

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.”

— Oprah Winfrey 

Because all this does not mean that you shouldn’t create a grand, bold vision for your life, but that we want women to create that vision and also to have a soft supported journey

Love Nikki x

Nikki ArmytageComment