The power of soulful community


At Electric Woman, we are building a dynamic and soulful community of women.

One way we are doing this is through the Electric 9 Online Group Coaching Programme, where we are inviting women from around the world to join us on a  journey of empowered, feminine leadership.

Electric Woman was built as a result of a powerful 1-1 coaching model. But something happened when we got our women together in a group setting. The uplifting transformation was palpable and impossible to ignore. We learnt that when we are in a group we benefit from each other – every time someone works through something deep, the entire group shifts and heals – we all experience it, we all grow from it. The Electric 9 was born to create supportive tribes of women around the world.

So we invite you to go...

To a place beyond the comfortable

To have courage, to be seen by us

To share your raw truth

To your unedited desires

To your true path

To receive support and a 'hell yeah' from us

We've got you.

Love your Tribe.

We see these women who desire to go deeper as powerful role models. These are the women we want to join us. Are you this woman?

The Electric 9 is a virtual 12-week immersive coaching journey in which the participants support each other through the three stages of the Electric Woman Manifesto: I am Real, I am Woman, I am Electric, in order to claim an invigorated sense of direction and to take inspired action in life. 

Guided by your leaders, you will discuss your past, your fears and losses, your hopes and dreams, your sexuality and desires, your relationships, and your feminine power as demonstrated by your Electric Woman. Learn more about the programme here.

And for all who join the Electric 9, you will become part of the Be Electric Community of hundreds of women from around the world who are committed to being their Electric Woman.

"The ability to be seen in your raw vulnerability and to speak about your wildest dreams with a group of women who are lit up and shining with the powerful urge to hold you up, believe in you, dream your dreams...this is the ripest environment for transformation. And then you find out their fears are just as deep as yours, their dreams as wild, their wounds as painful, and you get to hold them up too. This mutual holding creates a buzz, and this buzz spreads and transcends and produces incredible growth and creation and birth of new life and ideas. To be seen genuinely and held unconditionally, this is only possible in community.'

- Annie J., Former Electric 9'er

Nikki ArmytageComment