What's your raw truth?


A woman becomes Electric the moment she shows up in her Raw Truth. 

Every day, she is out there, achieving, creating, managing, mothering, partnering, caring, marching on. She is doing it all.

But inside?

Inside lives her hidden insecurity, self-doubt, the worry that she isn't doing it right, her fear.

This pain is hard to be with. She's been trained to hide it away, to let it out only for the small moments when no one is looking, or not at all. It's easier to perform a put-together, highly functioning, perfect ideal of a woman...until it isn't. 

And so she must expose herself.

Her Raw Truth frees her from her expectations, from her suffocating old stories of who she should be. It frees her from the layers of makeup that have covered her 'ugly' face and from the forced smile that she hoped would distract people from seeing inside.

We cannot heal until we expose our Raw Truth. We cannot grow until we are honest about those deep, dark places inside. We cannot unstick the stuck parts of us until we let all of us be seen. We cannot be freed from our shame and low self-worth until we get very, very real with ourselves.

You see, your Raw Truth may feel like your weakness, but it is your power.

Our honesty is courageous. It’s exposing, intimate and ultimately liberates us to greater connect. We don’t shy away from pain, we bravely move through it.
— The Electric Woman Manifesto no. 6 

Our mission at Electric Woman is to provide a space for each woman to speak her Raw Truth. 

We want to see more women who are undiluted, unpolished, imperfectly prepared for use. Women who are in their raw, natural state, comfortable in their own skin, radiant in who they are without needing to prove anything, following their true path. 

God Damn Electric.

Electric Women are sharing their Raw Truth every day. Something magical happens when we expose our deepest, truest selves, when we let it be seen by our tribe. We do this through our 1-1 Coaching Programme, our Electric Circles and our upcoming Electric 9 Online Group Coaching Programme, starting next Monday 8 May. See below for more details.

What is your Raw Truth? Share with us here.


the electric 9

There are still a few spots remaining in the upcoming Electric 9 Online Group Coaching Programme starting Monday 8 May. Women will be congregating from around the world to ignite their feminine power. Release your fears and conditioning. Find your true path. Turn on your light.

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