Don't ignore your power

Electric Woman

Don't ignore your power.

Many of us know and feel a power that resides within, an instinctive confidence, an ageless knowing, a voice that's wise and has the answers. 

And we turn our back on this voice. Time and time again we succumb to our fear, our perfectionism, our need to control.

This is the journey. Stop ignoring your power.

I invite you to surrender, to listen to the wise voice within and say 'I'm ready'.

Each day I choose to listen to the voice of my inner wise woman - my Electric Woman - and do what she tells me. 

My Electric Woman tells me to build tribes of women around the world to connect them with their feminine power. To build a coaching company and create a movement. She tells me to look after myself, to slow down, to trust it's all coming. She says "darling, be bold, keep creating magic and the tribe will build itself."

When I follow her lead, I start to feel more like me, that this is what I'm meant to be doing, this feels right, I feel happy. 

It's not easy, each day I have to move past the fear of others not getting it, the desire to play it down and not own that Electric Woman is for powerful women. Yet playing into this procrastination and fear only keeps me playing small and confused. 

So, my commitment is to her - my Electric Woman - and to each day, listening and acting on my intuition. 

And the commitment I have to all women who participate in the Electric 9 online coaching programme is for them to meet and become their Electric Woman, to find their voice, be bold in going after what they want and to release the conditioning that keeps them stuck.

When you embrace your power, what does your inner voice tell you? 

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