Winter reflection


Slow down
Release what is no longer serving you
Go inside
I know you can feel it
There's something in you that wants to be born
A new project, an idea
And it needs time to grow
To be nurtured
Create space
Honour its timing
Listen to your grounded, intuitive voice within
Patience, my love
Allow yourself to sit in reflection
Nowhere to go, nothing to prove
Allow winter to rejuvenate your spirit
Prepare yourself
It's coming.


At Electric Woman, we like to honour the natural winter cycle of slowing down, reflection and releasing the old before the focus and new beginnings of January arrive. One of our favourite ways to do this is through Soul Sessions, which help us tap into our inner wisdom for the answers. 

During a 90-minute Soul Session, Vanessa Metcalf, Electric Woman's Intuitive, Astologer and Tarot reader will give a full astrology reading, including your birth chart and planetary influences, along with a tarot reading to help you see the meaning of your current path, where you are headed, and what you are ready to let go of. She weaves coaching into the session so you are left with practical steps and practices to help you enter the new year with clarity. 

Book your Soul Session anytime from now until the 31st for a reduced price of £225 (normally £295). To reserve your time, email