Living with Purpose and Abundance


Imagine a woman with such a strong sense of inner confidence that when she walks into a room, others are energised by her presence. You can tell she’s a woman that trusts her instincts, lives a life that inspires her and creates her own rules. She is warm, yet commanding, radiant with passion and purpose. Now imagine that she is you. This is you in your Electric.

We are inviting you to start 2018 with us on our Purpose and Abundance weekend. It's held here in London on the 6th and 7th January, led by Electric Woman Coach, Harriet Minter.

We love to start the year by being intentional about what we truly want. It's a great time for visioning and building a picture of a life that lights us up. It's a time to be brave and set exciting challenges – and what's more, it's wonderful to do this with a group of inspiring, Electric women who can hold you accountable. 

So bring on the magic, play and allow a life beyond your wildest dreams to take shape. 


Saturday 7th January: Purpose and Power
Day 1 focuses on purpose. We'll work on what you look like at your most inspired and Electric, to help you get clear on what you want in 2018 (what's in your comfort zone / what could be a stretch / what do you think you should want vs what you really want) and from there we'll look at key goals and milestones. You will be coached individually, helping you work through any blockers or limiting beliefs so that these don't get in your way. We'll do a variety of individual and group exercises, with plenty of time to think, reflect and relax, ready for day two. 

Sunday 8th January: Abundance and Calm
Now you know what you want to achieve, this day is all about helping you get it without stress and burnout. We'll work on how to to create opportunities with ease, feel grounded and in control, and find the resources you need to inspire you to greatness. We'll look at what it means to receive, how we can make sure we're in an opportunity mindset and use the power of the group to bring you the resources you need for the coming year. As on day one, day two will include individual and group coaching as well as group exercises and time for yourself. 

Harriet Minter


An Electric Woman Coach, journalist and speaker, Harriet also has a monthly column in Psychologies magazine and is host of the Badass Women's Hour on talkRadio. As well as her media work she coaches individuals to help achieve their professional goals; with her fierce clarity, she holds women in their greatest vision for their life.


Dates: Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th January
Times: 10am - 4pm (we will aim to finish on time but may run over slightly)
Location: London TBC

Contact: to book your place.

Costs: £475 plus VAT. We want to keep this workshop small and intimate, so numbers are limited.

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