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Vanessa Metcalf, MA, CPCC, has over 15 years of coaching experience. She is a deep thinker, she’s drawn to understand the fundamental building blocks of our lives and our minds on an academic level and has a Masters degree in Psychology and a Bachelor in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behaviour.

She brings intellectual depth and precision from her studies, and her well lived life, to her work with her clients. Vanessa works with women who want to understand their lives and how they themselves work; they are ready to do the deep work of facing what’s holding them back so they can release blockages and step into their full power.

Her passion is unlocking the potential in women who feel stuck or dissatisfied, who want something more in their lives - be it in love, or work, of their soul’s mission. And a big part of that is developing their ability to utilise and trust your intuition.

She often works with clients who are over-thinkers, stuck in a mode of over-analysis and needing to step into a place of embodied knowing and clarity.

She coaches with heart and humour, creating a safe and comfortable space for deep exploration.

Vanessa’s goal is to leave her clients with the toolkit they specifically need to be aware of their patterns and behaviours, support themselves in times of difficulty, and step into a new, grounded, freer existence.

Vanessa loves working with women who are interested in exploring their spiritual side. She has engaged in a thorough exploration of Yoga, Reiki, Astrology and other intuitive practices, and occasionally calls on this expertise to support her coaching toolset.

At Electric Woman, in addition to 1-1 coaching Vanessa helps train our coaches and leads courses and workshops.

Vanessa is based in San Francisco and coaches women internationally over Zoom and Skype.

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Vanessa also offers 90-minute Soul Sessions, during which she will give a full astrology reading, including your birth chart and planetary influences, along with a tarot reading to help you see the meaning of your current path. She weaves coaching into the session so you are left with practical steps and practices to help bring you back to your true path.