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Vanessa Metcalf, MA, CPCC, offers a spiritual transformational coaching programme over a minimum of 6 months aimed at women who want to navigate the subtleties of their emotional life, engage their intuition, and connect with their limitless creativity.

She is passionate about helping women to deeply value themselves and trust their own inner guidance so they feel free to go after what they want and to express themselves more authentically. She is particularly passionate about empowering those who are empathic, highly sensitive, and intuitive. Vanessa brings her background of psychology into the coaching, working with past trauma and holding the space for profound healing.

She holds multiple degrees in Psychology and Astrology, has studied healing modalities including yoga and Reiki, is a CTI Leadership Coach, and is a gifted intuitive with over 15 years of experience. She teaches Electric Woman programmes and coaches women internationally. Vanessa is based in San Francisco and works with clients over Skype.

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Vanessa also offers 90-minute Soul Sessions, during which she will give a full astrology reading, including your birth chart and planetary influences, along with a tarot reading to help you see the meaning of your current path. She weaves coaching into the session so you are left with practical steps and practices to help bring you back to your true path.