All My Parts


All My Parts

The one before you
knew all my parts.
But it didn’t work out.
So I decided to show you only some:
The clever part
The strong part
The bourgeois part.
(Feigned mostly)

But I hid the wild part
And covered the needy part.

But the bourgeois part was fake.
And the clever part got tired.
And the strong part just wanted to trample over you.
And the wild part was crazy with cabin fever.
And the needy part was crumbling in solitude.

And all I wanted was to be all my parts again.

So I left you.

Because I couldn’t explain some parts were real
and others made up and others hidden.

Because I could not explain that
you had never known me.
And I had wanted it that way.

By Ilaria Alber-Glanstaetten


Ilaria is a passionate and hugely talented poet and she is looking to publish and perform her work in an open mic night later this year in London – watch this space for more info!

She has completed Electric Woman 1-1 coaching programme and Nikki describes her as a ‘bold, feminine powerhouse with potent vulnerability and fearless self-expression'.

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