The first step in becoming your Electric Woman


Close your eyes, take some deep breaths.
Put one hand on your heart, one hand on your belly - the seat of your inner knowing.
Imagine a woman standing in front of you, your most wise, grounded and powerful self.
Feel uplifted by her presence and receive her wisdom, listen to what she has to tell you.
She has the answers you've been looking for.

This is where it begins.

The first step in becoming your Electric Woman is through a powerful visualisation – an effective technique that quietens the busy mind and turns up the voice of your intuition, the voice in you that knows. You will converse with your Electric Woman and feel the essence of who she is. She is your guide and when women listen to her they receive calm clarity and a sense of 'coming home' to themselves.

I am a big believer in the power of visualisation because of the focus and inspiration it has given and continues to give my life. And after doing the Electric Woman visualisation for thousands of women over the years, I'm always struck by the peace they describe, the sense of reassurance they feel and the excitement in the air of what's possible for their life.

Every woman’s Electric Woman is different. And what I see in most women who do the visualisation is that her Electric Woman possesses both the 'powerful' - qualities of strength and focus, along with the 'feminine' - a calming, soft and nurturing essence. Magic happens when we embrace both of these sides.

To do the Electric Woman visualisation and begin your journey, join our next Electric 9 group programme starting October 16th.



In 2010 I did my first visualisation. I was excited to learn that I had all the answers inside of me, as back then I had a tendency to ask everyone else for their opinion over my own. I didn't trust myself.

In the visualisation I met my Electric Woman. I her named “Serenity”. I visualised her on a beach in California, in a white dress, she was elegant and graceful, radiant and peaceful. She had a fulfilling, exciting business and she looked at ease in her skin. This felt like me in the future, it was the woman I dreamed of becoming and deep down, I knew was possible. It gave me hope to feel that I had the potential of Serenity. Especially because at the time I was in an unhappy relationship, anxious, overweight and felt lost in my career. The main message from Serenity was that - “You can have all of this, it’s possible. I am you. Be brave. Go after what you want.” I got a sense from her that she was so fulfilled in her career, she was writing, speaking, she had a beautiful family and it all felt totally possible. I wanted this.

Today, in 2017, I feel like Serenity. I followed her guidance, I chose to live and breathe her, to become her. I sit with her in the mornings, I journal from her, she guides me and as a result, I trust myself. She continues to be my north star and allows me to feel happy, peaceful and free.

No one else could tell me what my life would become, I had to feel it and develop an inner knowing that I learnt to trust.


“I feel mostly intrigued, curious to know more about her/this other “self” hiding (waiting?) within. I remember she felt extremely real, solid, no nonsense –definitely womanly as opposed to girlish (how I would have identified myself at the time I think). She was clear seeing, where I was muddled, straight-talking, where I would talk myself into a tailspin. I felt reassured by her – and also motivated to stop making excuses for myself. Around this time, I started seeing my own life and my choices more clearly. I don’t know if this was purely the visualisation – or also a result of the coaching I did following on from this. My life definitely changed, change was inevitable after this”. CR

“I felt drained and refilled all at once, so emotional, just like I could cry it all out and it would be OK. I felt like I’d been holding it all in and meeting my Electric Woman allowed me to admit my vulnerability, whilst feeling supported and cradled at the exact moment I needed it. It was finding the reassurance I’d looked for externally for so long had been there all along.” Anonymous

“I can call on my Electric Woman for support. She allows me to see past every detail and inner chattering to the great meaning of my life.” AA

“I feel incredibly energised. Visualisations are not something I ever thought I’d find useful but quite the opposite. I feel a sense of great calm afterwards because they give me the chance to totally focus. I am always on cloud 9 afterwards.” RM

What I love about the Electric Woman visualisation is the innate power and wisdom we hold within us. It’s a wake-up call to follow the stirrings of our heart. 

Now is time for our Electric Woman to be in the driving seat and say yes to a new way. 

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Nikki and the Electric Woman Team