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Hello Electric Tribe!

I’m Katharine, the new CEO of Electric Woman, and it is with immense joy that I start my first letter to you all with the happy news that Nikki’s daughter Eliza Grace has arrived.

In Nikki’s own words: “Eliza is incredible, so relaxed and peaceful. The birth was intense, powerful, calm and a massive emotional journey. Tom and our doula were amazing and I had a positive experience even though it was very tough at times. It’s so special to hold her, to look into her soul and to feel like I’ve known her forever.”


And I’m thrilled to report that the Electric Woman tribe is growing in other ways as well.

I joined in July and will be leading the team until 2019 when Nikki comes back from maternity leave when we’ll helm the ship together. I’ve been a big believer in and supporter of Nikki and her vision for Electric Woman for the last couple of years, and I’m utterly thrilled to be leading Electric Woman into this new chapter.

We’re growing fast as we work to realize our mission to enable every woman to live the life she desires, claim her feminine power, and unlock her utmost potential. Indeed we now have five (five!) Electric Woman coaches trained to deliver our coaching and run workshops in the UK and US. You can see our growing list of upcoming courses, here.

We’re also developing new courses and workshops (Power and Money are just two of the topics we’ll be exploring next year). And there are lots of other exciting developments in the works: expanding in the US, recruiting even more amazing coaches, and building an even stronger tribe of Electric women who are energised to make the impact they want to make in the world.   


I want to take this opportunity to share a few things we’re calling in as we enter this new phase.


Would you, or a fabulous woman you know, be interested in hosting a gathering at your home or office? You bring together 20-30 awesome women, we introduce them to their Electric self. I actually met Nikki at an event just like this and can testify to what a wonderful evening this can be. We’re keen to run events in NY, SF, LA or London. Let us know!


Do you know a conference or a company that would benefit from the Electric Woman magic? We love running sessions where women connect to a vision of their most Electric future - like the one Nikki gave for Marie Claire in June. We also love to speak on shaking off self-sabotage, feminine power archetypes, and embrace a mindset of pleasure. More here...



Do you know any outlets who’d be interested in a regular column from Nikki or one of our Electric coaches? Perhaps on Nikki’s motherhood journey, or Vanessa’s journey into embracing her inner empath, or me - and my mission to bring the Electric message to the world? Point them our way!


We’re looking for someone to run our social media. Someone who totally gets the Electric message and wants to help us reach new audiences on Instagram and Facebook. Do you know that person?

And, that’s it for now… after this the newsletter will go back to bringing you Electric inspiration and information on the latest courses and workshops. Sign up at this link if you haven’t already.

With love and much excitement





CEO, Electric Woman


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