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Electric Woman offers transformational courses in the UK, US and online to enable every woman to live the life she desires, claim her feminine power, and unlock her utmost potential.

london, september, 6-8, 2019

san francisco, autumn 2019

new york, autumn 2019


This three-day weekend workshop liberates women to claim their feminine sexual birthright.

It's for women who want to create more intimacy, improve their relationship with their body and discover the incandescent seductress within.

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london, SEPTEMBER 13-15, 2019



Run by two of our favourite intimacy, relationship and sex coaches, this 2.5 day weekend workshop is for women who want to heal their heart, awaken their body and cultivate their sensuality and sexual energy.

It’s a weekend date with yourself to activate your erotic wisdom for more powerful orgasms, mental and physical health, wisdom, creativity and transcendence.

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london / new york, january 2020


We love to start the year by being intentional about what we truly want.

It's a time to be brave and set exciting challenges – and what's more, it's wonderful to do this with a group of inspiring, Electric women who can hold you accountable to your goals. 

So bring on the magic, play and allow a life beyond your wildest dreams to take shape. Read on here.

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