What to do when you're feeling lost


Recently, in an Electric Woman’s circle, I was witness to a woman who had temporarily lost touch with her Electric (that spark of juicy luscious divinity we all carry within us, even when we can’t feel it). She was feeling lost, stuck, and unsure of her next steps. She was quick to add that despite all this, she was not resigned, because she was going to snap herself out of it and come up with a plan. As she continued, the other women in the circle recognised all too well the pattern we have each engaged in too many times to count: “All I need is a plan, then I can get on with it…” she said, trying to convince herself more than any of us.

Our hearts went out to her. We saw her beauty and strength even in the midst of her turmoil. But harder to witness, was how she abruptly switched gears, as we have all been conditioned to do and went into planning, thinking, strategising and doing to aid her discomfort about the unknown.

The power of women’s circles is such that we are able to access our deeper truth and feminine wisdom, and before I even realized what I was saying, I heard the following question tumble out of my mouth: “Plan or Pussy?”

A palpable jolt rippled through the circle. A barely audible chuckle, was followed by an inquisitive gaze, and everyone’s eyes brightened a little bit as we all, myself included, were a little stunned by the question that had been posed.

The truth is, in order to be the strong women we undoubtedly are we must find our own answers and path forward. But does this have to be at the expense of our femininity? Why must we take on masculine traits and straighten ourselves out of our curves to gain access to power?

The secret is… we don’t.

Unlike men, women have a direct portal to the eternal power of the universe:

our pussies.

So if you’re up for it, go ahead, reach down and place your hand directly on your pussy and take a moment to reflect on the fact that you, by virtue of being a woman are part of the legacy of creation. Feel the inherent power in having, between your legs, access to the mysteries of life and continuity. Now, in full awareness and contact with this power you have direct access to, feel into the voice of your pussy, what does she want, think or feel? What message is coming to you?

I promise you this approach is much more comfortable than it sounds. Sure at first it will feel odd, potentially even intrusive, but this is merely an indicator that this is something you are unaccustomed to, not that it is ineffective.

With all this being said, planning, when inspired is an excellent strategy – when the ideas are coming so fast you can’t write them down, when you are in the flow of creation and need structure in order to channel your essence as it is abundantly spilling forth. 

Yet, planning is much less effective when you need to tap into your feelings, your pain, your fear, the depths of your desire, the unknown. 

In this case, the woman in question was aware of this ‘pussy voice practice’, and merely needed a gentle reminder to engage her pussy in the decision-making process which worked a treat - she lightened up and realised that she was trying to force an answer when the answer wasn’t fully cooked. 

So whether this is a reminder or an initiation, I can’t help but ask you to give it a go.The next time you are faced with “figuring it out” whatever the circumstance, I implore you to ask for guidance in the last place you’d think to look for it, your pussy.

This piece has been written by Stephanie M. Sutton. She resides in LA and frequently attends the virtual women’s circles. Stephanie has been part of the Electric Woman tribe for the past four years, during which time she has claimed her voice as a storyteller and lyrical alchemist.

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