Introducing Soul Sessions with Vanessa

Electric Woman

Most women I meet today want the courage to be who they are; to be clear in their direction, to reclaim their feminine side. They want to learn how to tap into their own inner wisdom for the answers and trust themselves on a deeper level.

Often we need a boost to do this when we feel off-centre, disconnected and foggy about what's next. 

Introducing: Electric Woman Soul Sessions
I have seen many psychics, aura and tarot readers, and astrologists in my time, and they have all helped me in one way or another. Yet last week I had my first Soul Session with Vanessa Metcalf, Electric Woman's very own Intuitive, Astrologer and Tarot Reader, and it was unlike anything I've done before. 

Vanessa has razor sharp intuition. She sees to the deepest corners of your soul and articulates these depths back with tremendous clarity. She holds a sacred space, infusing it with a magical energy that encourages vastness of possibility.

The Soul Session connected me back in with my Electric Woman – the wise, spacious, grounded 'me' – through Vanessa's insight, guidance and wisdom from the higher realms. 

She asked me what I wanted to get out of the session. For me it was to help regain some of my confidence and clarity about my path – after my second miscarriage and having moved countries, I was feeling rather tender and shaky.

Vanessa did a full astrology reading, including my birth chart and planetary influences, which reminded me about my unique essence and soul's path, where I've been and where I'm headed. It was illuminating and exciting to see what's ahead. There are empowering themes and patterns that are emerging in my life, which are set to get stronger.

The tarot reading was reassuring and helped me see the meaning of my current path - what I've been going through and what's on the other side. I felt hope and clarity replace fear and fogginess. Everything she said felt comforting and at the same time called me out to play my bigger game, knowing that I can't hide my power. My true path wants me to shine, to learn and grow.

She weaved coaching into our sessions and I was left with practical steps and practices I could take with me to help bring me home to myself and back to my higher path.

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More about Vanessa:
Vanessa has a way of connecting each woman to listen to the whispers of her soul. She is an Intuitive Coach, Tarot Reader and Astrologer. Through her 1-1 Soul Sessions sessions, she seeks to empower and support women to connect to their higher wisdom and natural path, as they pursue their personal evolution. She is passionate abut combining the wisdom of the oracle cards, the planets and the deep wise intuition we all possess that can be integrated into our modern life. In her practice, she works with conscious seekers, and people who are empathic and highly sensitive. 

Vanessa is also an Electric Woman Coach and offers 6 and 12 month 1-1 coaching. She is an Electric 9 leader along with offering her new 90-minute Soul Sessions. Working with Vanessa, you will be guided to self-sustaining trust, self-worth and wholeness.

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