Moments of softening

Electric Woman

The moment you stop beating yourself up for not having it exactly the way you wanted
The moment you trust your voice and speak from your heart
The moment you tell your father just how much you love him and how you want a deeper connection with him
The moment you stop trying to fix and change your mother as a way to fix and change yourself
The moment you realise you are enough
The moment you accept your partner and back their choices
The moment you decide to ask for what you want, sexually, and allow yourself to receive it
The moment you stop running to the next best thing
The moment you stop needing to change your body, allowing it to find its natural rhythm
The moment you forgive and accept yourself

The journey of an Electric Woman is a journey of softening.

To soften is to challenge the armour we've adopted that keeps us protected, invulnerable, inaccessible – the 'I'm fine' mask.

Softening is when we begin to quiet the relenting, anxious voice inside that tells us we are not ok.

When a woman softens she stops fighting herself and releases the need to control. She sinks into a deeper level of listening, into presence. She drops her mask, she lets others in and she expresses her desires. 

There is no other way to describe this but a deep peacefulness and trust in who she is and her path. 

This is Electric.

Start your journey.

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