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Hello Electric Tribe!

I’m writing to you from the canals of Venice (LA, not Italy!). This is my favourite place to get my head down, be productive and try new things (this visit I’m trying breathwork, last visit I got more than a little obsessed with dance meditation). One of the joys of living on the road is finding what comes naturally in different places and for me Venice is all about calm, grounding and yes, writing...

I’m writing to you all this month with a couple of updates on courses and to share a few bits of exciting news.

First up, our second Sovereignty & Seduction course - this course is all about becoming a powerful Seductress! It will support you in letting go of limiting beliefs around sex and pleasure, and replace them with the confidence in what you want and how to get it. It’s on October 26–28 in Central London.

The course will be co-lead by Hannah Abend and Harriet Minter. In Harriet’s own words, after she came on the course she ‘promptly lost two stone, doubled my salary and had a significantly better sex life.’ Roll forward a few years and Harriet is now an Electric Woman coach and co-leading the course that got her started on this path. Now that’s Electric!

We also have the next cohort of E9 starting at the end of this month. For those who don’t know, this is our flagship 12-week course. Twelve women from all over the world come together online once a week led by two of our amazing coaches. Over the three months, a tribe of 12 brilliant women step into their full womanhood by working through each of the points in the manifesto and stand powerfully in their most Electric! Women are often drawn to this course at moments of transition - such as a new job, new baby, new love - or when they’re stuck, trying to start a new chapter but not sure how to change their lives or what they specifically want next. Could that be you or someone you know?

If you’re wondering how effective this course is you can, of course, read one of the many testimonials on the website. Alternatively, my favourite celebration of the power of this work is this:

Electric tattoo

Yes, this is indeed a tattoo of the Electric logo on one of our amazing E9 participants! We know you’ll agree it looks utterly fantastic.

In T’s own words: “the E9 course allowed me to accept who I am now, and not an idea of myself, and the tattoo is a ritual to honor that”.

Now I’m not saying joining the Electric tribe is like joining a cult (tattoos are definitely not mandatory!). But I did want to share this as it speaks to just how meaningful and deep this work can be. My favourite moment for every woman on this course is the inevitable epiphany, the moment of ‘now i know this about myself I can never go back to the old ways’. And we each choose to mark this and take it forward with us in different ways.

If you want to know more about either course, please do drop me a line. We’re always here to have a chat about how what’s involved and whether now is the right time for you to do this work.

And here’s some other Electric news for you...

  • Nikki took a break from maternity leave to help E45 with their ‘Straight Up Women’ campaign. Did you know: 58% of women consider themselves the least attractive out of their friendship group and 61% of UK women confessed to not liking what they see when they look in the mirror? Read those stats again for a second. That’s nearly two in three women and it’s just heartbreaking. And that’s why Nikki took to the airwaves on over 15 radio stations last month to talk about how women can reclaim their bodies and learn to love themselves. You can hear a couple of clips on our press page here.

Nikki Radio Interview
  • Electric Woman coach Caroline recently wrote her first blog piece for us on Taming Our Inner Critic. It’s always incredible to me that every - literally every - woman I know is tougher on herself than she would be on anyone else. Anything we can do to learn to be kinder to ourselves is so important. You can read more about how Caroline conquered her own fears and help others to conquer theirs here.

  • We all found ourselves in a pretty serious funk last week after watching Christine Blasey Ford’s brave and powerful testimony and the response to it of many of those in power. I’m pretty sure you did too. Nikki and wonderful tribe member Zoe Scaman have organised a call this Sunday (details here). The group will talk about what’s coming up for each us as this goes on, and also where do we go from here: How do we change the conversation from ‘Us vs Them’ to ‘We’? How do we go from vilifying all men to working alongside the ones who are ready to listen? It’s going to be a powerful discussion and I hope you can join us.

Thank you Christine
  • And finally, I’m going to be in NYC for a month in November/December. We’ll be hosting an event or two (details to follow on Facebook). Do let me know if there’s anyone we should be meeting - coaches, journalists, any particularly awesome inspiring women....

That’s it for today. As ever do follow us on Facebook or Instagram if you want to hear from us on a regular basis. We use our social channels to share what’s that inspires the Electric Woman team - tools, tips, books, quotes and more. It’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already.

With love


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