Being a sexual woman

Electric Woman

“Female sexual pleasure, is not just about sexuality, or just about pleasure. It serves, also, as a medium of female self knowledge and hopefulness: female creativity and courage: female focus and initiative: female bliss and transcendence: and as a medium of sensibility that feels very much like freedom."

Naomi Wolf, Vagina


At Electric Woman we create journeys for women to connect to their feminine power and inner knowing. Not enough women realise that sexual pleasure is a direct path to our inner power. I learned this after years of feeling closed off from my own sexual pleasure and it was a powerful realisation. 

I didn't even know I had a right to express my sexual desire. This resulted in a decade of unfulfilling sex, feeling shame around my body and faking orgasms. 

In 2013 I spent a year dedicated to exploring my sexual pleasure. I found a practice called Orgasmic Meditation. The work I did here was confronting and yet it was what I had been looking for – it was an opportunity to have intimacy with a partner, to feel sensation, to receive. It helped me communicate what I was feeling and how I wanted to be touched. 

I began to learn that my pleasure gave me a deeper level of confidence as a woman. I was much kinder and compassionate towards myself, my body and my partner. I felt a new, bold feminine strength emerge in a potent sexual energy that brought me a freedom that I'd been seeking. 

I felt Electric. 

We radically accept our body and cultivate our sexual energy. We know and ask for what we want and we are open to receiving pleasure.
— Electric Woman Manifesto no.6

In realising how important this topic is, I knew it was essential to bring it to Electric Woman. One of the ways we've done this is by partnering with Hannah Abend to create 'Your Sexual Woman Workshop' as a way to address the blocks women feel around loving their body, expressing their sexual desires and receiving pleasure. 

Our mission at Electric Woman is to help women become more conscious about their sexual pleasure and cultivate their sexual energy – to feel free and confident as a woman. 


Here are some resources if you are interested in this area:

Our next Your Sexual Woman Workshop takes place in London on 28-30 July

Harriet Minter is speaking at Scarlett Ladies – The Joy of Being a Sexual Woman

A must read: Pussy – a Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer


"I learnt that how we enjoy our pleasure and our partner is often a metaphor for how we enjoy our life.”

Jo Rogers, ’Your Sexual Woman' Workshop Participant


YSW Workshop

The Your Sexual Woman (YSW) workshop empowers women to own their desires, pleasure and sex. It is for all women who want to grow and empower their lives and sexuality. All you need to attend is an open mind and willingness to learn. Our next workshop takes place 28-30 July in Central London.