An international movement is calling for women to realize their true power.

This is the power embraced by every woman who embodies her most confident, real and inspired self. This is her Electric Woman.

Our 1-1 coachinggroup coaching and international community support women who want to spark positive change. Read our Manifesto.



Somewhere along the way, we as women learnt to silence our truth, turn our backs on our dreams and diminish our desire. 

It’s our mission at Electric Woman to support women in releasing self-sabotage behaviour and any limiting beliefs about what’s possible for their life. 




"My desire is to help women have a strong voice and powerful vision for the future by tuning into their innate feminine wisdom"



In my ten years of experience, I’ve seen thousands of women transform, challenging old ideas of who they are meant to be and creating powerful visions of who they are becoming. These women emerge, ignited, clear about the life they want and confident about doing it their way. 

Electric Woman exists to build a community of these ignited women who lead with creativity  and soul. They are inspired to shape new possibilities and the success they dream of.

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Nikki Armytage-Foy