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Nikki Armytage-Foy

Nikki founded Electric Woman with the insight that there is a different way of being in the world which has the power to liberate women from overwhelm and exhaustion and instead create a life of magic, joy and huge impact. Since then Nikki has coached over 200 creatives, founders, coaches and executives helping them redefine what’s possible and live the life they truly desire.

Your Electric Woman is your most confident, wise, grounded, inspired self. She’s also the voice of your intuition, it’s the deep voice inside you that just knows. All women have this wisdom and Nikki is passionately committed to helping as many women as possible live in their Electric, a state where they are soft, strong and free as they live in total approval of themselves.

Women who coach with Nikki find that within a year of coaching they’ve realised their greatest vision of themselves; they’re living in their Electric - grounded in themselves and open to infinite possibility. Some have developed a flourishing career reimagined on their own terms, some have stepped out of corporate life and launched successful companies, others have come into their full creative power, and many have found deep love. All have developed a closer, loving relationship with their bodies as a core foundation of their self worth.

Nikki believes wholeheartedly that when women heal ourselves and release what’s keeping us small, we change our entire world and light the way for others. We find a way to use our gifts in service of ourselves, our tribe and our world. A huge part of this is embracing the “feminine”: a state where the being matters as much as the doing, where we slow down and listen to the wisdom in our bodies and our true desires. Women who live in this state attract people who support them, champion them and co-create their bigger vision.

Women choose to coach with Nikki when they’re ready for a big deep change. They may have heard her story and see the power of what happens when you are sovereign in all parts of your life. Often they want to empower women themselves and want to learn how. Many are excited at what would happen if they had the support to be brave and bold; to let go of what  no longer serves them, including pressure to ‘do everything’ and the feeling of being exhausted, frustrated or overwhelmed.

Nikki challenges her clients to think on a bigger scale, she creates a space of magic where lifelong ambitions become possible and then real. She loves working with clients who are ready for a new way of being, and excited to see what might happen if they stepped into their full power.

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Nikki is a Certified Co-Active Coach CPCC, PCC, accredited by the International Coach Federation, with over 10 years experience. She has worked with many of the top coaches in the world and developed an organisation which brings her philosophy of feminine power to women everywhere. She lives in London and coaches internationally, accepting a small number of clients every year.

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i am dreaming bigger and feeling more fearless - these two things are enormously powerful in business and in life. I personally believe coaching is one of the best things you can do - especially when you are running a business. Having the space to think and talk with Nikki has helped me to stay on track with my business vision and personal ambitions. But the additional work around developing and meeting my 'electric woman' has really helped me the most. It keeps me super focused and on the right track - and is a tangible 'thing' that I can use as my anchor.

Emma Sexton, Founder & Creative Director - Make Your Words Work

i still consider our time together one of the best investments i've made.

I won't lie, I was pretty cynical about going to see a life coach. I just couldn't see what common sense and a positive attitude would do that a qualified psychotherapist couldn't. But after three of my most brilliant friends started raving about Nikki's impact on their lives, I knew it was time to bite the bullet. Four sessions later I'd had a real breakthrough and felt clearer about things than I had in years. Nikki and the Electric Woman community have since been a real support in getting me through a tough transition phase and I still consider our time together one of the best investments I've made. Thank you!

Debbi Evans, Founder, Libertine

i left with a sense of calm that only comes from having absolute certainty that you're on the right track.

Previously a life-coaching sceptic, Nikki has completely converted me to its benefits and the huge impact it can have on your life, well-being and career. She helped me take back control over areas of my life that felt difficult, and when I moved from a full-time role to freelancing her help really encouraged me to go for it and make it a success. She's encouraged me to think bigger and ask for more. Thanks to Nikki and Electric Woman my life contains more love, more money and more fun. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is honestly a magic worker and I would recommend her to anyone.

Harriet Minter, Broadcaster & Journalist

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