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Nikki Armytage-Foy

Nikki offers 6- or 12-month transformational coaching programmes that are designed for inspirational leaders, CEOs and creative entrepreneurs.

Nikki has a bright and soulful style of coaching that encourages each woman to deeply trust who she is and build her sense of self-worth and true power. Her mission for all her clients is that they live their deepest desires and have a courageous, clear vision for their life and leadership. 

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Nikki has 10 years experience working with women in the coaching arena as a Certified Coactive Coach (CPCC), accredited by the International Coach Federation. She collaborates with leading coaches and therapists in CoActive Leadership Coaching, and uses mindfulness techniques and cognitive behavioural therapy to bring the latest in personal development. Nikki is based in London and works with clients internationally over Skype.

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i am dreaming bigger and feeling more fearless - these two things are enormously powerful in business and in life. I personally believe coaching is one of the best things you can do - especially when you are running a business. Having the space to think and talk with Nikki has helped me to stay on track with my business vision and personal ambitions. But the additional work around developing and meeting my 'electric woman' has really helped me the most. It keeps me super focused and on the right track - and is a tangible 'thing' that I can use as my anchor.

Emma Sexton, Founder & Creative Director - Make Your Words Work

i still consider our time together one of the best investments i've made.

I won't lie, I was pretty cynical about going to see a life coach. I just couldn't see what common sense and a positive attitude would do that a qualified psychotherapist couldn't. But after three of my most brilliant friends started raving about Nikki's impact on their lives, I knew it was time to bite the bullet. Four sessions later I'd had a real breakthrough and felt clearer about things than I had in years. Nikki and the Electric Woman community have since been a real support in getting me through a tough transition phase and I still consider our time together one of the best investments I've made. Thank you!

Debbi Evans, Founder, Libertine

i left with a sense of calm that only comes from having absolute certainty that you're on the right track.

Previously a life-coaching sceptic, Nikki has completely converted me to its benefits and the huge impact it can have on your life, well-being and career. She helped me take back control over areas of my life that felt difficult, and when I moved from a full-time role to freelancing her help really encouraged me to go for it and make it a success. She's encouraged me to think bigger and ask for more. Thanks to Nikki and Electric Woman my life contains more love, more money and more fun. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is honestly a magic worker and I would recommend her to anyone.

Harriet Minter, Broadcaster & Journalist

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