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Harriet Minter is an Electric Woman coach, a workshop facilitator, a journalist, a media commentator, and so much more. She’s a trained Co-Active coach and with Electric Woman has been working with some of the most dynamic executives, entrepreneurs, and freelancers in the world.

She loves coaching as she lives to challenge women to go claim their big dreams. The ones that give you a little shiver when you say them out loud. Harriet is here to champion you and support you as you define your goals and make them real. She’ll support you, guide you and hold you when it all gets a bit tough, as well as encouraging and empowering you to keep going.

Harriet is passionate about the power that comes into a woman’s life when she gives herself full permission to be exactly who she is, and that includes letting the world see your true self. Women who embrace this find themselves in the spotlight, leading the room, designing the relationships they want and living life on their own terms. The world respects them and gives them their due - financially, emotionally and sexually.

Harriet draws on a wide range of experience with her clients: as a journalist she’s a storyteller par excellence, as a freelancer she knows how to hustle, as an entrepreneur she knows how to build a brand and a following. She knows the fear of leaving the ‘big corporate job’, and the power that comes from following your heart.

Her favourite clients are bright, action-oriented, curious and open-minded. Often they might even be spiritual people, looking for meaning and patterns in the world, though spiritual probably isn’t a word they say out loud all that often.

She lives in London and coaches internationally.

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