Meet Nikki


Before becoming a coach, I spent eight years working at a senior management level in advertising at a top media agency in London, working long hours with no time for myself. I felt stressed and unfulfilled, I was using food and alcohol to suppress my feelings. I was trying to control everything and had a relentless need for perfection. I was obsessed with my image, had a passionate dislike of my body and had lost myself in work and in a relationship where I didn’t feel satisfied. 

At the time I felt like I was the only woman going through this. I know now I’m not and I want to make sure no other woman feeling this way believes she is alone.

So many women I meet are stuck in old stories about who they should be or how they should live their lives – and with no time for themselves. These stories cause anxiety and fear and contribute to a low sense of self-worth and disconnection from ourselves. We need to change our stories.

I’ve been on my own coaching journey – and I take women on this journey every day, to find their Electric Woman. This is about moving beyond self-doubt to self-confidence, developing a strong sense of inner wisdom and finding a soulful path that is on purpose. It’s a journey for each woman to heal and empower herself and as she does this, her life gets bigger and she becomes an inspiration for others.

I believe every woman has an Electric Woman within her.

Being Electric is about learning to listen to - be more at peace with - and trust ourselves, and the magic that happens when we do this in our own lives – and how we go on to positively impact our community and workplace.

I also believe in leadership that embraces feminine values: collaboration, intuition, connection, nurturing vulnerability and heart. This at the very core of Electric Woman and our desire is for women to help shape our world’s future in this way.

I invite you to explore what your life could look like if you were living it as your most Electric self.



Nikki Armytage-Foy is an international coach, founder of Electric Woman and a strong advocate for women's visionary leadership. She works 1-1 with leaders, CEOs and entrepreneurs and those want to make a difference to the lives and wellbeing of others. She leads the flagship Electric Woman group coaching course: ‘Electric 9’, and runs the thriving global ‘Be Electric’ Community. Nikki is also a public speaker, she writes for the national press and has made appearances on TV. She is writing a book on her Electric Woman journey, to be published in 2019.