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Welcome to Electric Woman.

We've created a variety of ways to help you live the life you desire, claim your feminine power, and unlock your utmost potential.

We suggest you start by booking a free 30-minute consultation with one of our coaches and we'll guide you to the right programme based on your desires, needs and past coaching experience. 

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for intensive + lasting transformation

1-1 Coaching

The 1-1 coaching programme is for women who desire to go deeper, to experience life in their full potential, to create from their passions and brilliance. We will match you with the right coach, trained in the Electric Woman model, for a three, six or twelve month programme.

for deep exploration + connection

The Electric 9

The Electric 9 is a transformational group programme designed to help you become your most vibrant and powerful self – your Electric Woman. You will join women from around the world in an intimate virtual setting and experience profound transformation together.

for pleasure + empowered sexuality

Sovereignty & Seduction

This three-day weekend liberates women to claim their feminine sexual sovereignty. It is for women, who want to create more intimacy, improve their relationship with their body and discover the incandescent seductress within.

for clarity, drive + space


We love to start the year by being intentional about what we truly want. This weekend creates space to let go of what's holding you back and create an inspiring and achievable vision for your year ahead.