The EW Coaching Model

  1. Leading from Soul (vs ego)
  2. Intuition
  3. Embodiment
  4. Raw Truth 
  5. Self Devotion
  6. Tribe
  7. The Feminine


Electric Woman

This is their north star, their guide. The woman they are when they are in their power. Not a perfect image of a woman they want to be but an aspirational north star that keeps them on the path to transforming into power. Our job as  the coach is to get them into their EW, to connect them powerfully. To allow them to trust her. This is a voice they will develop. We know when they are in this voice as their vision becomes clear, they are grounded and wise.


The coaching is very intuitive – as a coach you will be following your intuition to allow the client's path to unfold and at the same time, getting themt o connect with their intuive voice – closing their eyes, breaking, stopping, slowing things down, all of these are ways to allow the client to connect into their intuitive voice/ The voice of their EW is their intuition in action. Much of the time,

As the coach, you can challenge them based on your intuition and what's coming up for you.


Your client: Women's bodys have been the subject of pain, they have been at war with them for most of their lives. Getting them embodied is huge and healing. Getting their body to communicate

You: We invite body wisdom exercises throughout this coaching, you being in your body in the coaching and getting the client moving and connected inwards.


Lead from Soul 

EW is essentially their higher power, a gateway to their higher consciousness – you can call it the Goddess/God/divine. We want to come back to the guidance and wisdom of their EW. Leading from soul is a gentle, powerful way forward vs the misguided and ego voice. And guide them to the limitlessness of leading from soul.

Leading from soul is also about Soulful purpose – doing what has them come back to purpose. Being in line with EW, doing things that make their heart sing.

Self Devotion

You: You model looking after yourself, clear the space and your energy before a session

Client: develop a self devotion practice 



We believe passionately in women coming together to support and inspire each other. We know that when women gather, powerful things happen. We encourage you to get your client in with a tribe – the ew tribe or their own personal inner circle


The feminine

To play with the full range of feminine archetypes and bring women alive into a deeper level of exploring what's possible with the feminine etc


Raw truth

Get them to blurt, vulnerable, get them to share raw ruth with others