Ambassador Programme

Our vision is a world where every woman is true to herself and feels alive with passion and purpose, she claims her feminine power and makes the impact she wants.

Do you want to help us make this a reality?

Wonderful! We’re always looking for ways to spread our work.

We’re looking for women interested in holding intimate gatherings in NY, SF, LA or London where we can meet women who would truly benefit from this work, and could help us grow Electric Woman to the next level.

Do you know women who would benefit from stepping into their Electric? Who want to do the work and live at their utmost potential? Or women who love bringing tribes of women together for deep, powerful connection? Or who are called to change the conversation about femininity, feminine power and womanhood in society?

If you’d like to host an event drop us a note at and we’ll send you details of our Ambassador Programme. You’ll learn more about what we’re calling in, how to help and how we say thank you.


Ps. We periodically send a call out to the universe for specific things that we’re looking for - introductions, opportunities, new team members etc. If you’re interested in other ways to help, sign up to the newsletter and read the latest one here.