• Winter Retreat 27th-30th December

    This retreat taking place in the beautiful Devon countryside, a few miles from Totnes and Dartmouth, is three days of relaxation, meditation and action. The focus is on setting powerful intentions for 2017 and letting go of anything that doesn't serve you. We’ll work with you to define your purpose and how you’re going to go about living it now and in the future. You’ll leave feeling energised, excited and fully committed to 2017 being your most Electric year yet. 


    What this course will give you:

    Do you ever have days where everything seems to fall into place? Everything you do is easy and successful,and you never doubt yourself? This course will teach you how to extend that feeling beyond the occasional day and into your daily life.

    • You’ll learn how to tap into what you really want and tap out of the pressures that society puts on us.
    • We’ll look at how you embrace your leadership potential and find your purpose.
    • Set your intentions for the coming year and find out how to fully live your life today, tomorrow and every day after.



  • What you’ll learn:

    • How to live as your Electric Woman, as the normal state of affairs.
    • How to find what it is you’re truly meant to be doing, and how to be a leader in it.
    • How to take action when you’re scared and make the most of opportunities that are presented to you.
    • How to build an abundance mindset and bring good things to you, rather than fighting for them.
    • How to use your gifts to change the world around you and create a better society for all of us.


    What the course includes:

    2.5 days training with Nikki Armytage-Foy, a leading coach and founder of Electric Woman, and Harriet Minter, journalist and former editor of the Guardian’s Women in Leadership section.

    3 nights accommodation at Fingals, a quirky country house hotel in beautiful Devon. 

    Delicious food and drink throughout the retreat. 


    £950 all inclusive.

    We also offer a reservation fee at £150 if you would like to reserve your space and pay the full amount by December 1.


  • How to apply:

    We want to bring together a group of amazing, soulful women who will work together to help each other head into 2017 with as much energy and joy as possible. If you’d be keen to be part of the retreat please email: jess@electricwoman.com 

  • You'll leave feeling energised, excited and fully committed to 2017 being your best or most Electric year yet.