I coach passionate and ambitious women who want to step into the next level of leadership in their personal and professional lives. My clients are women who want to have a bigger impact and be of service to others. I work with them to address their limitations and fears. These women are open to new ideas, ready to explore – and are excited about making dynamic changes. They are women who are aware of their power and want to ignite their passion; they are eager to make changes and give back to the community they believe in.

    Clients can expect the following benefits:
    - An empowering vision for their future
    - More passion in their professional and personal lives
    - Increased vitality, joy, motivation and well-being
    - Exploration of purpose and greater meaning in their lives
    - Access to Electric Woman global community to share their experiences and get support
    - Invitations to the Electric Woman Monthly Breakfasts and Evenings 

    London Clients
    Most of my clients are based in the London or the wider UK.  

    International clients
    I also work with clients overseas.
    The coaching is held on Skype yet ideally we will meet in person at some point during the coaching as our relationship develops.