• Previously a life-coaching sceptic, Nikki has completely converted me to its benefits and the huge impact it can have on your life, well-being and career. After just one session with Nikki I felt more in control and focussed on where I was going in my career. I also left with a sense of calm that only comes from having absolute certainty that you're on the right track. She is honestly a magic worker and I would recommend her to anyone.

    Harriet Minter, Editor, Women in Leadership, The Guardian

  • “Coaching has helped me to understand that it makes no sense for women in senior positions to hold back or seek approval all the time. It’s given me permission to be myself and to be more honest in what I say and do. It’s also given me a better understanding of where other people are coming from. My mantra now is ‘If you can imagine it, you can make it happen’. I have developed positive relationships with others whist sticking by my principles and I am confident in my leadership voice and I’m not afraid to use it.”

    Kirsten Edwards-Warren, Executive Vice President, Compass Lexecon

  •  I personally believe coaching is one of the best things you can do - especially when you are running a business. Having the space to think and talk with Nikki has helped me to stay on track with my business vision and personal ambitions. But the additional work around developing and meeting my 'electric women' has really helped me the most. It keeps me super focused and on the right track - and is a tangible 'thing' that I can use as my anchor. I am dreaming bigger and feeling more fearless - these two things are enormously powerful in business and in life.

    Emma Sexton, Founder & Creative Director - Make Your Words Work, myww.co.uk

  •   “It's difficult to describe the power of Nikki's life and leadership coaching. It goes without saying that she is highly qualified and dedicated to the ongoing training, research and investment that it takes to be at the cutting edge of today's coaching and leadership training techniques. But just how she makes the deep, lasting and impactful changes in the women she coaches is something a little harder to explain. Nikki doesn't tell you to do anything; she doesn't impose her own ideals or 'advice' on you, nor does she suggest the path you should take. Instead, even from the first session, you start to feel naturally empowered to begin taking responsibility for your own happiness and success, and for the realization of your most deep-rooted desires. Nikki has an incredible ability to hear 'through' what you are saying in any given session; whatever you bring to coaching, she can tap into what is underlying it- whether it's a sense of great calm and an inner knowledge of your purpose, a fear that is preventing you from action or connection, or a story you're replaying which is throwing you off course and telling you that you can't do something new or long-awaited. Things start happening; without any sense of really trying, the things you really want for yourself start manifesting themselves throughout the different aspects of your life, and it's only when you look back on your progress that you suddenly realize the changes that have taken place. They happen organically, and with ease, because you have had the opportunity to get to know who you are underneath all the different faces you put on to deal with your everyday life.

    Freya Berry, Founder Invisible Cinema

  • In this coaching, I have been on a huge journey of self discovery with Nikki helping and guiding me through. The support and ongoing coaching has been invaluable to see the difference in me now. The confidence I have in myself and my abilities has solidified after years of doubting myself and wondering how I've got to where I am in my career. When I started with Nikki I had no vision of where I was going both in my career or my personal life. I felt lost. Now, I am tackling my unhealthy habits and trusting my intuition. I am so much happier and confident, and content in me and my abilities.

    George Wilson, Director, KPMG

  • As a cynicist, I was at first wary of life coaching. I told myself I was seeking it out solely for professional direction, but it became immediately clear that it was about so much more. Within the first month something started to grow inside of me - a trust, a certainty, a right to be.

    Annie Jefferson, Writer

  • Nikki very quickly helped me clarify what was important to me, my career ambition, where I wanted to see myself further down the line. At the time I was quite unclear about which direction I wanted my career to go and even unsure about what it was I really wanted. But Nikki quickly and effectively helps you identify the best route, and then to put your plan into action. I can feel my energy, inspiration and productivity levels at an all-time high.

    FB, Film Producer

  • Nikki’s passion for this work is contagious, I immediately felt inspired and motivated. What really struck me was how she managed to combine impeccable professionalism and coaching technique to a personal, human approach. My life has changed so much, on so many areas and aspects that I know I could never have managed to achieve all this without the support and guidance of a great coach. Nikki has a way to speak to your deepest self that just makes it natural to integrate and put into practice her advice; you will start seeing miracles happen in your life, and before you know it what used to be your dreams and wishes will become your reality. I would recommend Nikki to anyone that is truly looking for positive change in their lives.’

    Valentina Grossi, Fashion Designer

  • Three months in and coaching has helped me connect and discover what inspires, motivates and fulfills me. Nikki will draw out the essence of who you are, helping you to uncover all that you want to be and desire in your life. This self-awareness and deeper understanding of myself is transforming my world. And those around me have seen the impact.”

    Cori Drogemuller, Communications Director

  • Finding myself in scenes reminiscent from the movie Groundhog Day, I realised I had to do something about it otherwise my life was going to pass me by. I sought out a life coach and meeting Nikki has been a defining moment for me. Nikki’s sincerity, genuine care, openness, radiant positivity, encouragement and subtle yet powerful words of motivation and challenge have enabled me to start to live a life I previously only ever dreamed of. Sometimes you just can’t find the fight in you on your own, if you can’t, I would urge you…anyone, in any predicament to give Nikki a call.

    Emily Sheridan, Therapist

  • Seven months in and I feel like another person – hopeful, excited, strong, confident, and ready to take anything on. A thrilling project is going into production with Nikki’s support and I feel more empowered as an artist than I have ever been. Through coaching, I am the architect of my own destiny and have seen the power of scripting and directing one’s life. As I become more optimistic, more and more opportunities open up.

    MKL, Screenwriter and Actor