• Nikki Armytage is an experienced speaker and her content inspires female leaders to gain clarity in their personal and professional vision and inspires them to step up into their ‘Electric’. Nikki has spoken at corporate events for the likes of Accenture and the Women in the Police Force. She has created events for women in senior leadership within education and regularly speaks at private events in London such as at the Soho House Group. She can speak on a range of topics, take part in panel discussions or create something more bespoke for your event. Please email hello@electricwoman.com for any events enquiries.


  • “Meet your Electric Woman” 

    In this two-hour interactive session, Nikki explains how to overcome the Evil Misses – an insightful discussion about the ways in which we self-sabotage, personally and professionally. Participants will 'meet' their Electric Woman through visualisation – their most vibrant, engaging self. She then discuss how to create an individual Electric Woman vision with accountability for each participant.

  • “Your Electric Year” 

    An interactive presentation where you are encouraged to think bigger about your Electric Year. Be prepared to be motivated into doing what you love, and what excites you, in the year ahead. “An Electric Woman is a woman who is clear about what she wants from life - and gets it. She lives a life that inspires her. She commits to deep personal fulfilment and being lit up from the inside”.

  • “Self-sabotage of the Modern Day Woman”

    Most ambitious women today are very familiar with one or more of The Evil Misses. The key to creating a positive relationship with yourself and living your Electric life is to be aware of your self-sabotage, so you can release its hold and use it to your advantage. In this interactive session, Nikki explains how to overcome your Evil Misses and become your 'Electric'. She is joined by a panel of guest speakers – real women at the top of their game professionally and personally who share their stories on how they unlocked their own Electric Woman. 


  • “Nikki attended West Midlands Association for Women in Policing’s (WMAWP) Professional Development and Wellbeing Day in May 2015 for police officers and civilian staff.  Nikki delivered a fantastic confidence-building workshop to groups of 20 staff aimed at increasing employees’ confidence both at work and in their personal lives.  Nikki also spoke to an audience of over 100 people about Personal Confidence and some of the barriers to being the best you can be.  Nikki was inspiring and uplifting with a soft yet powerful approach and helped the audience find their Electric Woman!”

    Kate Wright (Vice Chair) Women in Policing

  • “My Electric Woman has impacted my life in a gentle yet profound way. It has allowed me to realise that the best version of myself is just that, myself. It has nothing to do with appearance, material goods or environment. It’s instead about internal resources. I can be kind, patient, loving, grateful and warm. All I need to do is conjure the image of my Electric Woman and I am instantly all those things, and more. It’s a wonderful thing to admire others, but this is a path that has shown me how to value myself and it here I shine”.

    Fiona Hicks, Electric House event

  • “Electric Woman is a much-needed answer to the callout of contemporary women for a new form of feminism: no longer an angry reaction to the establishment but a holistic approach to femininity, built on deep self-respect and self-knowledge”.

    Valentina Grossi, Fashion designer

  • “I met Nikki last year at one of her talks and I remember I was sceptical about the ‘how to be an electric woman’ topic… However as soon as Nikki entered the stage and started talking I had completely fallen for her warm, inspiring and uplifting nature. I was so inspired, l actually felt high for several days. She helped me to see myself in a different light.”

    Anke Buchte, Creative Art Director, Soho House event