• Imagine for a moment…
    A woman with such a strong sense of inner confidence that when she walks into a room, others feel energised by her presence. You can tell she is a woman who trusts her instincts, lives a life that inspires her, and creates her own rules. She is warm, yet commanding; radiant with passion and purpose.

    Now imagine that she is you. This is you in your Electric.

    Electric = Vibrant, empowered, owns her light

    To be an Electric Woman requires unplugging from doubt and fear. It means leading your life the way you want and creating the impact you desire. You do not question your choices; you trust your intuition and boldly take action.

    Embrace this Manifesto and be Electric.

    I AM REAL: creating a positive relationship with self and letting go of comparisons and fear of our true power.

    1. We commit to the Electric Woman within us. We understand her vision will create a fulfilling life and we choose this.

    2. We acknowledge our struggles, negativity and fear. We are determined to see them objectively. They do not define us.

    3. We choose to proactively create space for self-care, which lays the foundation for clarity of mind and a consistent loving approach to each day.

    I AM WOMAN: being a confident, vibrant woman, unapologetic in our style, leading from our heart and body and accessing our intuition.

    4. We are not looking for others to decide for us. We trust ourselves and develop a strong intuition that we listen to, and act upon.

    5. Our truth and vulnerability is courageous. It’s exposing, intimate and ultimately liberates us to create greater connection. We don’t shy away from discomfort, we bravely move through it.

    6. We are strong and free in our body, and connected to our deep desires and sexual pleasure.

    I AM ELECTRIC: embracing our soul’s true work and leading the way from abundance and power.

    7. We lead from the soul, (vs ego) getting in touch with our inner truth and purpose, we feel called to express our gifts and talents.

    8. We recognize that magic and opportunities are all around us. We open our eyes to this. We go for abundance in life and we claim it.

    9. We choose to be Electric and light up our world. In doing so we positively impact the people and communities around us.

     Electric women have a dynamic vision for the future. Your participation is requested.