• ‘I started Electric Woman to support vibrant, ambitious women who want to lead their lives and careers powerfully – and to experience more joy and freedom.’

    Nikki Armytage

  • Why we created Electric Woman

    1. Our society is hungry for empowered women who are freeing themselves from their inner critics (the Evil Misses) and are creating greater meaning in their lives. We are living in an exciting time and we as women have more opportunities than ever before. Society is changing - we are increasingly embracing women who are in their ‘modern femininity’: their attitude is unapologetic, free and bold. More women are rising up to this challenge and the possibilities that this brings.

    2. There is something unique and powerful about female leadership that the world hasn’t quite experienced in its full form yet. We don’t believe that you have to ape the male style to get to the top. On the contrary, the female leadership style is compelling and collaborative. We want to see more women fully step in to their unique leadership essence and pave the way for others.

    3. Alongside the opportunities that are now open to women, has come pressure to constantly do and be more. We want to achieve great things and alongside that desire comes perfectionism and burn out. We believe in a new way - which takes us out of ‘striving’ to be better from a place of lack, to owning our power from a deep place of self worth and being true to our ‘Electric.’

    4. What we stand for at EW is building a community of women who choose their best game and who support and champion their fellow Electric Women. Research indicates that women who have friendships and support networks with other women are mentally healthy, and these support networks protect women’s mental health, especially in challenging times. We desire support that is devoid of judgement, comparison and competitiveness—the kind of support that does not expect something in return other than the intrinsic pleasure of helping another woman find her Electric Woman and realize her dreams.


    Electric Woman provides coaching for individual clients, coaching workshops and has a thriving global community 'Be Electric' with monthly events.The Electric Woman coaching journey guides women through practices of self care, vulnerability, intuition, visioning – and being fearless. By pushing their limits, Electric Woman enables women to be vibrant and become more deeply fulfilled.

    There are three stages to the Electric Woman coaching journey:

    1. ‘I am Real’: being true to who we are – our individual style of expression, and letting go of comparisons and fear of our true power.

    2. ‘I am Woman’: being a confident, sexually-empowered woman, unapologetic in our style, leading from our heart and body and accessing our intuition.

    3. ‘I am Electric’: embracing our soul’s work, being visible and making a meaningful contribution in our field.